6 Protective Hairstyles for Women With Short Hair

Short Hair

One popular misconception is that you have to have long hair before you can do some beautiful protective hairstyles. Well, to be practical, the length of short hair can make it difficult/impossible to work with some protective hairstyles. Still, if you have short hair, you do not need to miss out on beautiful protective styles. In this article, you will be getting six of the best protective hairstyles for women with short hair.

  1. Afro Hairstyle

If you have been counting the years until your hair will be long enough for you to style it into a full thick Afro, then let the afro hair wig bring that dream alive in an instant. The afro hair wig is perfectly trimmed to fit the frame of your face. It also allows you to style it as either a fringe or a side-part look. Furthermore, it comes with an elastic strap that you can adjust to fit. This wig is suitable for everyone: from those with the teeny weeny afro (TWA) to medium-length, and even long hair. With the Afro hair wig, all you need to do is pop it on your head and go. It is no wonder it is called the one-minute fix afro hairstyle.

2. Kinky Blow Out Ponytail

If the length of your hair has passed the TWA stage and is pre-medium-length (which means you can pack it and get a very tiny bun on top), the Blow Out Ponytail is just that protective hairstyle you need to complete your full long bun look. Made of virgin human hair, it has a soft feel to it that resembles your natural hair. Furthermore, you can style it into a balloon/bubble braids ponytail if you want that extra gorgeous look. All you need to do is attach this ponytail to your small bun and you’re ready to go.

3. Afro U-part Wig

One fast way to add volume to your short hair is by using the afro u-part Wig. When installed, this wig helps to create an untraceable blend with your short natural hair. It is lightweight too so nothing feels heavy on your head.

4. Kinky Coily Clip-in

Ever wanted to do the wet look hairstyle that touches the nape of your neck? Not to worry, the coily clip-in can help you achieve something similar of the same length. When styled, it’s almost as if there is no difference between the clip-in and your natural hair, making admirers wonder how you were able to pull off such a gorgeous look. 

5. Afro Headband Wig

This protective style is for ladies who do not have time to spend styling their short hair. With the Afro headband wig, all you need to do is pop it on your head, adjust the headband to fit your face and then tie it into firm knots at the back.

6. Spring Twist Wig

This wig is especially for ladies who love to braid/twist their hair but cannot because of its length. This wig is available as closure and frontal wigs with lace that blends seamlessly with your scalp, thus giving off an effect as though you had it braided in with your natural hair.


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