Why You Need a Breast Implant Revision


Breast implant revision refers to changing or removing a breast implant. This may be due to medical issues or personal issues like the person not feeling happy with their current implants. Breast implant revision in Orange County is among the most carried out cosmetic surgeries every year. A quality breast implant has a life span of 10-15 years.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, breast implants are the leading surgery procedure. As time passes, breast implants tend to lose shape or size, leading to a need for breast implant revision. An increase in the quality of breast implants has led to the rise in demand for the correction of breast implants.

Why Women Take Breast Implant Revision

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider doing breast implant revision.

To Change Breast Shape

The main reason women have breast implant revision is to reduce or increase the size of their breasts. The procedure involves replacing earlier implants with different shapes or sizes of new implants. Research shows that Western media emphasizes the attractiveness and objectification of large breasts. This objectification of women’s breasts has led many women to feel that either their breasts are too large or too small.

Researchers like Frederick, Peplau, and Lever found that above 65% of women were not comfortable with the size or shape of their breasts, 28% of women desired larger breasts, 9% desired smaller, and 33% said they didn’t love their breasts since they had sagging breasts.

To Replace Saline Implants with Silicone

Modern silicone implants are more comfortable than saline implants since they tend to be more natural.

Due to Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a complication that affects the breast when internal scar tissue (capsule) tightens and squeezes the implant. This may lead to pain in the breast, or in other cases, it may affect the appearance of the breast. This medical condition leads to women having a breast implant revision. There are many explanations for the cause of capsular contracture, but the most accepted is low-grade infection. Capsular contracture is not a significant cause of breast implant revision since only 5% of women with breast implants get it. To reduce the chances of getting capsular contracture, surgeons recommend that the implant be placed under the pectoral muscles since the muscle gives massage to the implant, reducing the risk of scar formation.

Breast Implant Fracture

At times the breast may leak, leading to breast fracture. Signs that breast implants have rapture are:

  • Change in shape and size
  • Swelling over a while
  • Increasing pain

Though breast implant fracture may not have any significant health risk, it is also a reason why women have breast implant revision. Some of the causes of breast implant fracture include capsular contracture, reduced quality of implants due to age, additional surgeries, excess compression of the implants, and injuries during surgery.

Bad Position of the Implants

This refers to a condition where the breast switches from its correct position. When there is a bad positioning of the breast implants, there is a revision of the implant. This is one of the major reasons why women take breast implant revision. In some cases, there is no need for surgery since the surgeon can place supportive tissue in the breast, but it may be needed for severe cases of breast malposition like Symmastia (the breast appears joined rather than separate) and Double bubble (appearance of double breast on one side). Surgeons argue that there are two leading causes of breast malposition; incorrect preoperatively designed nipple to inframammary fold distance and failure of the facial suture from Scarpa’s fascia to the perichondrium through an inframammary incision.

Poor Healing

Some breast implants may take a long to heal, leading to scarring. The women may experience pain, and prolonged healing may lead to infection on the implants. Poor healing makes it necessary for a breast implant revision.

Pros of Breast Implant Revision


Revision of breast implants reduces the discomfort brought by older implants. After a breast implant, some defects like malposition and Capsular contracture lead to self-comfort.


The main reason why women have breast implants is to look beautiful. Breast implant revision improves the appearance of the breast. The size and shape of the breasts become more eye-catching. The breast is aligned to your specifications.

Builds Up Self-Esteem

Breast implant revision improves the appearance of the woman. Elimination of breast implants complication may build up confidence in a woman. This, in turn, leads to building up the woman’s self-esteem.

Change in Size and Shape of the Breast

Breast implant revision improves the shape or size of the breast to the specification of the woman. After the first implant, a woman may realize they want a larger or smaller breast.

Relief of Pain

Pain from the previous implants may be reduced or eliminated after a breast implant revision, either due to compression or fracture.

Cons of Breast Implant Revision

  • Other complications may emerge from the surgery
  • It is pretty expensive if you are not insured
  • Unrealistic expectation

Bottom Line

If you plan to have a breast implant revision in Orange County, make sure you have the best consultation for greater results. If the quality of breast implants has decreased, change the older implants with the modern ones to reduce complications and improve the shape and size of your breasts. Be the best version of yourself by having a breast implant revision!


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