Top Advantages of Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Did you know that younger and smoother skin is literally beneath the surface? The old, damaged skin hides it, and you can reveal it with a chemical peel. Who doesn’t fancy youthful, smooth, and softer skin, especially when those unsightly acne scars or aging signs start to show? With cosmetic dermatology Forest Hills professionals, you can undertake a chemical peel and spot striking looks. Chemical peels continue to gain popularity due to the many potential benefits. Some of these benefits includes:

Manage acne

Acne breakout, while common in teenagers, can happen at any time. You could experience an acne breakout for various reasons ranging from hormonal changes, certain medications, stress, cosmetic products, and genetics, to mention a few. A chemical peel can help ease the breakouts and reduce acne scars.

A chemical peel helps unclog pores and remove blackheads on the skin surface. Removing the blemishes also reduces scars, leaving clearer and smoother skin. Elements like trichloroacetic and salicyclic acid help deal with the scars and keep the pores clear. Managing acne and the resulting scars can be frustrating, but you can manage by opting for a chemical peel treatment.

Improve products’ efficacy

Has your skincare products’ effectiveness deteriorated? This could be due to the accumulated dead surface skin cells. During the peel, your dermatologist applies a chemical solution to the surface. Its removal peels the dull surface, shedding your skin’s top layer. It signals the living cells to start multiplying and moving to the surface, boosting collagen production. This improves skin’s elasticity, which improves your skin’s look and feel. 

After the chemical peel, you will not have dead cells on the skin’s surface. You will spot a more radiant skin that is also more receptive to the skincare products. It means that the skincare products can easily penetrate the surface, enhancing their efficacy.

Deal with aging signs

Fine lines and wrinkles, among other aging signs, can affect your confidence levels. A medium or deep chemical peel could be the answer to your aging signs. It can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, especially on areas near the eyes, forehead, and mouth.

Manage melasma

Melasma, the hyperpigmentation disorder caused mainly by hormonal surges, can be stubborn. It is common in pregnant women and those on contraceptives. You can deal with melasma by turning to hormone management techniques and sunblock. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a more permanent solution, a chemical peel is a good option. This is especially true if you notice increasing pigmentation or deal with stubborn melasma that doesn’t fade away even with other treatment options. The brown or blue-gray patches are unsightly and can lower your confidence levels. With a chemical peel, you eliminate the problem and spot smooth skin.

A chemical peel, especially with modern advanced techniques, can easily be customized to fit your skin type and needs. You can realize many advantages as you strive to supercharge your skincare regimen, but only if you work with a reliable and reputable dermatologist. Contact or visit Adult and Pediatric Dermatology today to learn more about chemical peels and to start the treatment.


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