How To Help Your Doctor Help You With Your Dizziness

Help Your Doctor Help You With Your Dizziness

Dizziness is one of the primary reasons people go to the doctor. Unfortunately, because there are so many different causes, it can be difficult to determine what is causing it. Worse still, dizziness is a tough condition to describe, as persons use the term to express a wide range of sensations. For this reason, the way you describe your Alexandria dizziness to your specialist is critical in assisting them in figuring out what is wrong. Before your visit, think about (and perhaps pen down) the characteristics listed below to assist your healthcare practitioner narrow down the various reasons for your dizziness to get on the right track for therapy. Continue reading to learn more.

When Did Your Symptoms First Appear?

Establishing when your symptoms began can assist in ruling out certain possible reasons by evaluating if your dizziness came on suddenly or gradually with time. Is there anything you can link the onset to (for instance, an ailment, accident, lifestyle change, new exercise, a stressful event, or medication change?) Is it the first time this has happened to you, or have you had similar experiences before?

What Is The Nature Of Your Dizziness?

Whereas it could be challenging, take ample time to find some words aside from ‘dizziness’ to express what you are going through. Is it an impression of self-motion or motion in your surroundings that does not exist, also known as vertigo? Maybe you are experiencing a rocking or tilting sensation, a ‘lag’ feeling after moving your head, lightheadedness (as if you are about to pass out), shakiness on your feet, anxiety, or simply feeling ‘foggy-headed’ or ‘off’?

What Other Associated Symptoms Are You Experiencing?

Besides your dizziness, do you have associated symptoms? These include concerns like nausea, vomiting, headache, sweating, hearing changes, visual abnormalities, heart-pounding, difficulties breathing, numbness, confusion, speech difficulties, neck discomfort, or motion problems? Ensure that you voice these concerns to your specialist, as they will serve as additional clues to the reason for your dizziness.

What Is The Duration Of Your Symptoms?

Establishing if your dizziness is momentary or persistent will assist you in narrowing down the reason for your dizziness. Often, transient dizziness might be caused by simple lifestyle issues like not getting enough sleep. However, if your dizziness is recurring or constant, you might need expert care as it might signal an inherent health concern.

What Are The Specific Triggers Of Your Dizziness?

Triggers are the events that cause something to happen. Try to figure out what kinds of motions, activities, position changes, or situations prompt or exacerbate your symptoms, as well as what seems to assist mitigate or halting your symptoms. This assessment also gives valuable information and aids in ensuring that your therapy is tailored to the unique issues you face in your everyday life, especially if your physician assigns you to a neurologist.

Do You Have An Individual Or Family History Of Migraines?

Vestibular Migraine is becoming more widely acknowledged as one of the most common reasons for sporadic dizziness that appears ‘out of nowhere.’ If you or your close relatives have suffered migraines before, this condition could be a possible diagnosis regardless of whether it has been accompanied by dizziness. Moreover, inform your doctor about any diagnosis of you or a family member of a condition causing imbalances or dizzy sensations.

Do not dismiss your dizziness as just some typical concern that will resolve on its own. Sometimes, it could be warning you of a more serious health concern, such as Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, ear infection, a drastic drop in blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, and more. With the assistance you give by providing a detailed description of your symptoms, your neurologist at Integrated Neurology Services can easily make a diagnosis and direct you to the best course of treatment. Call the office near you or use the online scheduling tool to arrange a consultation today.


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