How Does Preventive Care Improve Your Health?

Preventive Care Improve Your Health

Your health is important; it’s your greatest wealth. It occurs to us freely, but it’s critical to ensure it lasts and stays for the longest time. One of the ways you can maintain your health is through preventive care, which involves measures to protect your health from illnesses and lower your health risks. Bastrop preventive health specialist Pompeyo C Chavez, MD, provides effective health services and treatment plans to help maintain your health. Keep reading as we talk more about preventative health and how it benefits your health.

What is preventive health care?

Preventative healthcare focuses on decreasing your risks of developing health issues. It offers the following health benefits.

  •         Helps with early detection and treatment of diseases
  •         Prevents acute and chronic illnesses
  •         Slows the progression of chronic disease
  •         Enhances long-term health and wellness
  •         Identifies health risk factors
  •         Prevents lost school days and workdays

Dr. Chavez makes preventive health care a focus and needs for every patient. He takes his time to get to know you and develop a preventive care plan that fits your lifestyle and health needs.

How does preventive health care prevent diseases?

When you visit your provider for preventive health care, they evaluate your health and review your health history. They create a preventive care plan for you based on your age, lifestyle, gender, and health goals. Your provider aims at identifying your health risks and improving the areas in your life, that may affect your overall health.

Through preventive care, your provider detects early signs of diseases and offers effective treatment plans. It helps reduce the risk and complications of the following health conditions.

  •         High blood pressure
  •         Cancer
  •         Type 2 diabetes
  •         Depression or anxiety
  •         Heart disease
  •         Thyroid imbalance
  •         Hormonal imbalances
  •         High cholesterol
  •         Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Preventative health at Pompeyo C Chavez, MD, is regular, patient-centered, and affordable with the idea of enhancing your optimal wellness.

What does a preventative care plan involve?

Your provider designs your preventative health plan to fit your health needs and lifestyle. It may include the following.

  •         Routine health screenings
  •         Women’s health exams
  •         Well-child exams
  •         Men’s health exams
  •         Weight loss and nutritional support
  •         Blood pressure and cholesterol checking
  •         Mental health screening
  •         In-office annual testing
  •         Immunizations for adults and children
  •         Vaccinations
  •         School and sports physicals

Preventive health care at Pompeyo C Chavez, MD, starts from birth until old age. Your provider works with you to help you achieve good health and maintain your wellness.

Prevention is usually better than cure. With preventative care, you prevent yourself and your family from diseases. You can also practice preventive care at home through regular exercises, eating healthy diets, attending your wellness visits, seeking medical care when necessary, and wearing protective clothing.

Besides promoting your health, preventive health care saves your cost of health services. It promotes your energy output and allows you to live a fulfilling life. Do you have a preventative care plan yet? Contact Pompeyo C Chavez, MD, today to get yourself started on improving and maintaining your health.


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