5 Simple Ways You Can Avoid Sun Damage

Avoid Sun Damage

It is enjoyable being out in the sun, but that can come at a cost. Excess sun exposure can damage your skin, making you age prematurely and toll your confidence and self-esteem. The sun damage Fort Worth specialists are dedicated to helping patients look their best, and that is why they offer advice on how to protect your skin when out in the sun. Remember that you might not avoid being outside, but you can limit your exposure to the direct harmful UV rays from the sun. Here are some sun safety tips for you to Avoid Sun Damage.

Always Use Sunscreen

It only takes about fifteen minutes in the sun to damage your skin. Therefore, never underestimate any time you spend outside without better skin protection. Make it a routine to always wear sunscreen when heading outside to avoid taking the risk. The sunscreens are effective in blocking the UV rays. Remember that you can still be exposed to the rays even on a cool, slightly cloudy day, and that is why you should have sunscreen on always. Put a thick layer of sunscreen on every exposed skin and seek assistance to apply it to the hard-to-reach areas. Remember that sunscreen wears off, and you might have to reapply it if you spend too much outside.

Avoid Peak Sun

The sun rays are more harmful to your skin during peak hours. Therefore, you might want to avoid fixing any outdoor activity between ten and four in the evening. If you must be outside during these hours, depending on the nature of your job, ensure you try as much as possible to stay away from direct sunlight or use the right protection from sun damage.

Get Under a Shade

When spending quality time outdoors, you can also minimize your sun damage or other complications of direct sunlight exposure, like skin cancer, by finding some shade. You can get under an umbrella, a tree, or another shelter to limit the intensity of the sun’s rays. However, remember to use sunscreen protection and wear protective clothing even when sheltering under a shade.

Choose the Right Outfit and Accessories

It is good to think about your outfit as you go outdoors. You might want to wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and skirts since they can protect you from UV rays. Also, you can opt for tightly woven fabrics since they offer the best protection. When choosing the color, understand that dark colors protect you more than lighter ones. Additionally, a wet t-shirt is less effective than a dry one. But if these clothes are not practical for you, remember to use other forms of protection. Get yourself sunglasses as you get out to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

 Wear Sun Hats

Hats can offer you the most protection, especially for your face. Get a hat with a brim to shade your face as you walk in the sunlight. Such hats also shade your ears and the back of your neck, keeping away harmful UV rays. But do not go for hats with holes since some rays can get through and harm your skin. Also, go for darker caps over lighter ones. Note that if you are wearing a baseball cap, it is necessary to wear clothing that protects your ears and the back of your neck.

Learn more about reducing sun damage to boost your skin health and avoid complications at Northstar Dermatology. The sun damage specialists will help you with more expert tips to improve your safety. You can also book your consultation appointment online. 


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