Where Can You Try PEMF Therapy?

PEMF Therapy

So, you have heard about the incredible health benefits of PEMF but are still not sure if it will work for you? Before investing in some PEMF device, one of the options could be to give it a try. There are many clinics and health centers that provide PEMF therapy. In addition, getting PEMF therapy under supervision may also have certain benefits, as one would have a chance to give questions and learn more about it.

PEMF therapy does work and can help in a range of conditions. PEMF is US FDA approved for promoting bone healing and treating depression. However, it may also help in a range of other health conditions like chronic fatigue, anxiety, chronic wounds, and more.

One may even consider PEMF for boosting immunity, increasing energy levels, reducing stress, and even just as a part of a wellness program. Since PEMF is so safe, it is also good for less severe chronic issues or even for disease prevention. Thus, it should not be seen as something that must only be used to manage specific health conditions.

Since PEMF provides very low energy and intensity electro waves, it is entirely safe. These waves have low frequency and energy levels, ensuring the complete safety of these devices. That is why one can readily buy these devices online, like at the healthyline outlet, without a medical prescription.

Physiotherapy center

The number one option could be to give it a try at some physiotherapy centers. Physiotherapists are good at treating certain disorders like lower back pain. Additionally, they are also quite good for rehabilitation. For example, a physiotherapist may help fasten recovery after a bone fracture or even stroke.

Generally, physiotherapists use a number of methods, from exercise, massage, and dietary measures to devices. However, it is vital to understand that not all physiotherapists may use PEMF devices. Thus, it is good to get information about the physiotherapy center and if they have PEMF therapy available. 

Physical therapist or Sports medicine clinic

These are doctors who use exercise, massage, and devices to manage the mainly musculoskeletal system conditions or treat sports-related injuries. Hence, they are pretty likely to use various non-traditional therapies.

Generally, sports medicine clinics focus on using safe and proven treatment methods. Many of them may also provide PEMF, infrared, photon light, and other therapies. So, if you have a musculoskeletal condition and want to try PEMF, these clinics should be your choice.

Massage therapist or even at a spa

PEMF is not something that can be carried out strictly under medical supervision. Thus, many health and wellness centers, massage therapists, and spas may offer PEMF therapy along with relaxing massage. In addition, it is often good to combine PEMF with other non-pharmacological treatments. Thus, if you are looking to try PEMF to overcome depression or mood disorders, then trying PEMF at a spa or massage therapist could be the right choice.

Chiropractic clinics

Chiropractic doctors specialize in bone manipulation and are pretty good at managing chronic pains. They may be especially good for helping with spinal issues like recurrent low back pain. But chiropractic clinics can also help in a range of other painful conditions. So, combining chiropractic therapy with PEMF may be a perfect choice for spinal health and related issues.

Veterinary clinics

Yes, PEMF is not just for humans. It may also help companion animals or pets. Thus, your pets may also benefit. Moreover, some companion animals like horses are particularly prone to specific kinds of injuries. And, yes, PEMF can promote healing in large mammals like horses.

Additionally, it is worth understanding that most mammals share physiological characteristics. Therefore, PEMF can also help reduce stress and improve microcirculation in cats or dogs.

Home PEMF systems

As we already mentioned, PEMF is a no-risk therapy that can help in various conditions. You do not essentially need to visit various clinics to try PEMF therapy. You can also order PEMF online, and many resellers of PEMF devices have a so-called 30-day return policy. It is enough time for you to experience some of the PEMF benefits. Then, if you like the device, you can continue using it.

Here it is worth understanding that in many health conditions, PEMF only starts working in about 4-weeks, and one can expect a maximum benefit in 8 to 12-weeks. Nevertheless, 4-weeks are enough to understand if it is something you would like to use.


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