Reasons to Pursue a Degree in Nursing


Many talented individuals choose to work with a nursing degree. Some will want to make a positive impact on the world around them and others find it as a way to make a change from their daily grind. No matter the reason for wanting to get into the industry, you may find that a nursing degree will help you to get the career that you deserve.

Nursing is a very diverse, engaging field and you will be able to utilize some of your skills to help patients and to make a big difference. And there are many reasons to consider going after a degree in nursing, rather than some of the other fields available. Some of the benefits of pursuing a degree in nursing includes:

Help Others

One of the biggest reasons that an individual will choose to go for a nursing degree is because they want to enter a field where they can make a difference for those around them. Anyone who has spent time in the hospital knows how important nurses are to the whole patient experience.

A nurse will administer the proper medication, offers comfort through snacks and warm blankets, and they spend all day making sure the patient gets the best care. During nursing school, the professional will have a chance to learn the skills they need to get this job done right.

Work in Many Settings

When you work as a nurse, after obtaining your degree, you will be able to work in many different settings. Each patient you see during the day will have their own unique situation and will need a different approach to see the right results. If you are tired of having the same things happen day in and day out, then nursing is the right degree for you.

You will find that the nursing industry is fairly broad, giving you many roles to fill, from labor and delivery to pediatrics, and all the way to geriatrics as well. In fact, the American Board of Nursing Specialties alone will recognize 32 organizations that represent a specific area of nursing.

This is good news for those who enter into the field. They will be able to move around within nursing and try something new that works well for them. The sky’s the limit when you decide that this is the right degree for your needs and with many degree options to work with as you pick out a degree.

Nurses are in High Demand

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is estimated that the availability of jobs for a registered nurse will grow by 15% by 2026. This is a lot of jobs that need to be filled by those who get the necessary nursing degree. This could be more than 438,000 new hires over a ten-year period.

The professionals who are leaving nursing school over the next few years will find many open positions as nurses begin to retire. They will be able to work in specialty facilities, physicians’ offices, and hospitals of their choosing.

Nurses Make More Money

While there is a lot of reward in helping out those who need it as a nurse, many people choose this career because it allows them to make good money while they do their work. For some new nurses, going through a nursing degree would mean they get a large pay increase.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for many nurses with a degree will be $33.65 an hour. This means they could make up to $70,000 a year. While the hourly rate is going to vary based on specifications and regions, a steady and solid income is appealing to many.

Offers a Flexible Schedule

a Degree in NursingWhile helping others and a good income are important reasons to choose to go with a nursing degree, the flexibility that comes with this career can help as well. This is one of the biggest benefits that will help professionals choose to go into nursing as well.

Nurses will have more say over their schedule compared to some of the other professions out there. They can choose where they work, they can be a temporary hire to pick up some extra hours. And they can even choose to work part-time or full-time.

One thing to remember here is that all of this flexibility will come at the price of longer shifts compared to other careers, but if you have to work a 12-hour shift, you can earn full-time hours and money while getting four days off each week. This gives you more time to do the things you want while also spending more time with family and friends.

Lots of Room to Grow

The nursing field is going to provide a good potential for growth. When the professional chooses to expand their education and goes for even a master’s degree, there is a ton of opportunities that will become available. For example, the professional may be able to go into other options like management, leadership, or informatics.

Depending on your interests, there is a lot of room to grow here. You could work with the next generation of nurses to help them get trained, develop your own tech plan to help bedside nursing become more efficient, or you have a chance to become a nurse executive.

Some professionals in this field will go the clinical route and will become a nurse practitioner and can step into a mid-level provider role. And when you work on reaching your degree, you will have a better career, better pay, and more flexibility within the job.

Choosing a Nursing Degree

There are many options you can choose when it comes to the right degree for your needs. With a nursing degree, you will be able to reach some of your biggest goals. Take a look at some of the reasons above for when to pursue a degree in nursing and see how great this new career can be for you.



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