The Best Cabinet Door Styles for Your Kitchen

Cabinet Door Styles
To help you narrow down the many types of cabinet doors, Cworkshop, home improvement experts who specialise in custom cabinet doors, have put together this short but detailed guide.-Cabinet Door Styles

Cabinets are an essential design component in your kitchen as they boost the desired appearance and feel of the space. Manufacturers of bespoke cabinet doors, Cworkshop, will help you sort through the different styles of cabinet doors in order to find the style that best complements your desired aesthetic – taking a look at a range of designs from simple slab to the more ornate raised cathedral cabinet door styles.


Slab cabinet doors are flat and frameless, making them ideal for individuals who want to modernise their kitchen. Any kitchen can be transformed into a simple, clean place with their minimalist look. Because of its minimalist design, linear cabinet hardware such as a brush satin nickel handle works well with slab cabinets.


Shaker cabinets, one of the most popular cabinet door styles, have a recessed door and come in an array of simple and intricate designs. If you have a lot of active features in your kitchen, like a colourful backsplash or busy wall art, white shaker cabinets are a great choice.

Traditional Square Raised

Traditional square raised cabinet doors have a raised panel in the same shape as the cabinet. Depending on the ambiance you want to create in your kitchen, you have the option of choosing a more elaborate or basic design.

Cathedral Raised

Cathedral raised cabinet doors may be the perfect option if you want to add another design feature to your kitchen. Dating back to the mediaeval period, Cathedral cabinet doors are rounded with an arch at the top. They provide a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

Which one is the best fit?

Cworkshop have helped you look at four common cabinet types, but there are many more to select from. You may be asking which cabinet door type is the greatest, and the answer is simple: it depends on the style you want to achieve.

Your own style must be special to you so consider the sort of ambience you want to create and choose something you’ll be happy with for the next several years.


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