Common Sports Injuries That You Should Know

sports injuries

It is essential to participate in sports to keep your body fit and healthy. Every doctor will recommend you to exercise more as it is suitable for your heart respiration and strengthening your muscles. The majority of people love exercising since more benefits come out of it. However, this is not a perfect world since people will trip and fall or even contact the ground, which results in sports injuries. Injuries should not prevent you from playing sports since West Orange Pain Center of NJ helps take care of your injuries, thereby making you go back to playing within a short period. Do not struggle with your injuries and pain while you have a remedy at your doorstep. Here are some common sports injuries that you need to know before booking your appointment.


Strains are usually the most common injuries that people experience during sports. The muscles and tendons are prone to injury since they work extra hard during exercising. They are prone to stretching further beyond the limit, which may cause harm and make them become torn and damaged. Some of the everyday strains include hamstrings and strained quads. Most muscle strains will heal by themselves after taking enough rest.


Sprains usually affect ligaments that connect bones to other bones. These ligaments may tear if overstretched or if they turn the wrong way. Most sprains affect the ankle and the knee during sports. Wrist and elbow sprains also occur but are not so common. Sprains are painful and require more care to enable them to heal. Sprains will leave your ligament weak and prone to more injuries. It is essential to warm up before any strenuous exercise to minimize the chances of a sprain.

Knee Injuries

The knee joint is more prone to injuries during sports. People will experience ligament tears known as anterior cruciate ligament, dislocation, and even knee fractures. A knee injury can be painful and critical since the knee is essential during your mobility. Sometimes you will require surgery to correct the damage, which takes time before one can heal.


Fractures will occur due to impacts and contacts during sports. Arms, legs, and feet are more prone to very painful fractures. Fractures take long to heal and may even require surgery to correct the problem. It is always advisable to wear protective gear and appropriate padding while exercising or during sports to help minimize the chances of getting a fracture.

Back Injuries

The spinal column supports your body during sporting activities. It undergoes some stress during the activities that cause inflammation, back muscle, or even injuries to the spine’s discs. Back injuries require different types of treatment depending on the type of injury and the location of the damage.

Sports injuries are common during activities, and some may be fatal while others are minor. It is essential to take the necessary precautions to avoid these injuries. However, if you experience any injury, it is advisable to seek medical attention from specialists specializing in sports injury treatment. At Pain Center of NJ, the team specializes in sports injuries and pain ensuring you are back on your feet. Live an injury-free life by seeking their services. You can begin by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.


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