Quick Guide for Packing and Relocating Your Business Operations

Your Business Operations

There are a few seasons of life that are more chaotic than moving. It can even be comical to discover how quickly packed items are suddenly deemed valuable when things are lost amidst an apartment move strategy that falls short of success. Personal moves have the flexibility to unpack and settle in with a new groove slowly.  Your Business operations moves are far from that. The reality of lost revenue for every business hour spent packing or unpacking drives most to hire moving services. Profitable Venture estimates that an office move can cost $50-250 per employee, depending on the complexity of the action. Shippers must go into every office move prepared and strategy to maximize overall cost-effectiveness during the transition.

Why Would a Business Need to Pack up and Relocate?

The last two years saw a dramatic shift in the appearance of an office. What was once stereotyped by cubicles, armchairs, and the office drip coffee setup was replaced by living rooms, home offices, and the few public spaces open during the pandemic. Today, many companies are returning to the office but are discovering the previous area no longer fits the current need. Bis Now commented that there is now “an existential question of how to create an office space that meets evolving employer, landlord and worker needs — and whether or not firms will begin to shed square footage as they realize they need less space in a hybrid world.” Other companies may relocate solely due to a changing market, company growth, or expand to another location. 

Top Challenges Associated With Relocating Manufacturing or Office Equipment

“Whatever you believe your cost to move will be, go ahead and double it,” Ben Goldstein with Credibly reports, “Say you have a mid-sized manufacturing company in a 25,000 to 30,000 square-foot building. You could be looking at $100,000 to $150,000 to move your operation from point A to B.” With office moving costs covering just 10-15% of most buildings, cost savings is more than just choosing between commercial moving services and a cargo van rental with some pizzas for helpful employees. Top challenges with relocating business operations include:

  • High Labor Costs of Move Help
  • Organization and Visibility of Critical Business Assets
  • Operational Delays During Move
  • Attaining New Compliance Certificates
  • Minimizing Machine Damage or Loss

Tips for Relocating Your Manufacturing Business

Shipping companies need more than a man with a van to relocate their business operations. Profitable Venture reported, “An average office relocation can take up to 12 months. In some cases, like a small office, it may need at least three months to relocate.” Despite the appeal of an on-demand mover, relocating manufacturing requires shippers to invest time and strategy through the following ten tips.

Consider Hiring a Specialist in Business Operations Relocation

Because the job of a shipper never stops, it can be conducive to purchasing a business relocation specialist. According to Cost Helper, “A move consultant, who helps plan the move, may charge $450 for a 1,500 office space to $3,000 for a 10,000-square foot one.” While a manufacturing relocation specialist’s cost could double or triple, a streamlined process from an experienced professional can ensure shippers can focus on their own logistics workflow during the transition.

Learn About Local Resources

Another critical way to increase efficiency when relocating a manufacturing business is to take advantage of local resources such as finding affordable commercial cleaning services Miami after the move. For older items or those needing replacing, consider donating furniture to area centers and outreach organizations. This is useful in helping to clear away old things and may also be a tax incentive.

Keep Everyone Informed of Packing and Shipping Requirements

Perhaps the biggest issue with relocation is a failure to pack and ship all items correctly. However, working with experts can put delivery on-demand with insight and fact-based decision-making front and center. Also, it reduces the risk of confusion and helps your team grow in tandem.

Know How Employee Relocation Costs Will Affect Overall Expenses

Relocation is about only moving physical assets; it’s the actual impact on employees that can affect total costs. As reported by Business News Daily, up to 62% of employees will consider relocating if expenses are taken care of by the employer. That’s exactly what today’s companies need to combat labor shortages and shift operations to handle mounting demand. 

Optimize Every Step of the Process

Even while much of the packaging and relocating may take place over the road, some steps may result in the use of additional modes, including rail. Still, others may require temporary help to move furniture or even short-term storage. This all goes back to the ongoing optimization of all efforts, and shippers also need to be ready to answer any questions that may arise. Much like uber for moving, your trusted 3PL should be able to work across all new and existing moving companies to develop a robust plan of action. Further, they will be able to optimize everything–from a minor step to the final arrival and unloaded. 

Check the Credentials of the Manufacturing Facilities or Service Providers

Whether your team is planning to work with dozens of carriers or a few owner-operators, vetting all parties involved is essential. Proper vetting eliminates concerns over the legitimacy of those businesses and what’s needed to take the next step. Furthermore, adequately vetted carriers will be more likely to have quality moving trucks, and vetted courier services will know the nuances of the local region that impact transit time. That’s the difference between leveraging the best experience and tools to complete business packing and relocation needs. 

Do All The Above With Complete Visibility and Final Mile Capacity With GoShare

There are many ways to approach a corporate move, whether working with local furniture movers or an experienced 3PL. Regardless, the trick is still the same–choose the right company that can handle everything and does so with the right technology. Stop worrying about your next corporate move and put the packing and relocating process on auto with the right partner. Book a GoShare moving experience today.


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