Can pvc doors be sprayed


uPVC doors and windows are incredibly popular for their durability and low maintenance. But if you’ve had the same uPVC doors and windows on the exterior of your house for a while now, then you might be looking for an upgrade.

However, you might not need to spend thousands of pounds replacing all your uPVC window frames and every uPVC door in your property (your front door and garage door are likely both uPVC doors, for example).

What if you could paint uPVC doors and windows to give them the upgrade they need? uPVC door spray painting would be convenient and make a real difference to your house’s kerb appeal. But is it even possible?

Is it possible to spray paint uPVC windows and doors?

Yes! Although white never goes out of style.

All your uPVC doors and windows can be upgraded in an instant with just a quick spray paint. Of course, you need to select a proper uPVC paint for the job, as any old spray paint won’t fully cover your uPVC front door.

Choosing the right uPVC spray paint

uPVC spray painting needs a specific type of paint for a number of reasons.

First, to paint uPVC window frames and doors, you’re essentially having to paint plastic window frames and plastic doors, and painting plastic is much more difficult than painting wood, for example. You need a paint that’s designed for the uPVC specifically.

Second, you need a paint that’s capable of withstanding the British weather without fading, or becoming worn too quickly.

And finally, painting uPVC is slightly more difficult as the paint technology needs to bond with the uPVC, not just stick to it. You can easily find uPVC spray paints that are suitable for use with uPVC doors and windows, and nowadays you can find them in virtually any colour.

Painting your white uPVC doors a different colour is the perfect way to make it look like a new door in a much more cost effective way! We covered other window and door styles in a previous article.

Why spray painting uPVC is best

You might be wondering why we’re recommending spray painting over traditional painting here, and it’s simply because it’s much easier.

Here are just some of the benefits of uPVC spray painting:

  • Getting a smooth finish is an easy task with spray paint
  • High quality finish much quicker
  • It has excellent adhesion to uPVC when using uPVC spray paint
  • Range of colours
  • More even coating to protect your doors and windows from UV exposure
  • Professional finish in a much shorter time
  • Drying time is reduced (you have to wait for the coat to fully cure or else the weather may ruin the finish before it is fully cured – but it’s much quicker to dry when spray painted on)
  • No brush marks

As you can see, it’s much more advantageous to spray paint your door frames and windows with uPVC spray paint than it is to do it via hand painting. And it’s an easy task that’s more cost effective in the long run too!

Can I spray all my windows and doors myself?

Whilst it is a simple job for an experienced team of experts, many homeowners wouldn’t be equipped to do it themselves – no matter how much of a DIY enthusiast they are.

Hiring a professional spray painting service to help is a much wiser thing to do. That way, they can take care of the entire process themselves, and you won’t have any of the stress.

What will the team do when spray painting uPVC doors?

If you’re having all your uPVC doors spray painted (including front doors, garage doors and back doors), then professionals will prepare the job in the same seven simple steps:

1. Protect your doors

Whenever a team is about to do uPVC door spray painting, they’ll need to put up protective coverings to protect any of the glass in the door’s window frames and anything else surrounding it. This will leave only the uPVC material exposed to the spray paint.

2. Clean the door frame

Much like uPVC window frames, door frames will need to be cleaned thoroughly before any uPVC paint is applied. All dust, dirt, and debris need to be completely removed to create a surface that the spray paint can adhere to.

3. Sand the door frame

It seems counter-intuitive, but uPVC windows and doors actually have a smoother finish when spray painted if the surface has been ‘roughed up’ a little beforehand. A light sanding helps create this texture for the uPVC paint to stick to and coat the door in an even, new colour perfectly.

4. Prime the door frames

For a better finish, those carrying out the spray painting service will add a primer to the door frame before they paint it. It would be the same process they use for a PVC pipe or window frame, too. Priming it beforehand gives the semi gloss or full gloss finish a greater impact.

5. Spray the frames

You can choose matte, gloss, or satin finishes for the uPVC paints themselves, and the colours can vary from anything from a rosewood colour to anthracite grey – just be aware that the colour you choose will affect how many coats are needed. The more vivid the colour, the more coats you’ll need to take the old frame from white uPVC to something with a new lease of life.

6. Allow to dry

Spray paint drying time is significantly reduced because of the guarantee of an even application to the uPVC. However, it will still take some time for this to dry (although if the doors are south facing, this will be reduced even further). Once dry, the team will inspect the finish to make sure the result is what you wanted.

7. Remove the coverings

After that, it’s a simple case of removing the coverings from earlier to reveal your new door in its fresh colour!

What is the average cost of spray painting uPVC windows and doors?

On average, it’ll cost £230 per uPVC door and frame to spray paint it. And to spray paint uPVC window frames, it’s a little cheaper at around £150 each. However, prices vary depending on where you are in the UK and the complexity of the job, so take these averages with a pinch of salt.

Final thoughts

uPVC door spray painting is not only possible, but recommended as a much cheaper way of uplifting the exterior of your house without having to replace old windows and doors. To spray paint uPVC windows and doors, hire a professional team, and you’ll see great results quickly!


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