Home Improvement Wish List for Summer 2022


The summer of 2022 is turning into a very special one for homeowners who have decided to endure the difficult economy by improving their houses instead of buying new ones. The decision makes perfect sense because improvements and add-ons often increase a property’s resale value and nearly always increase the comfort factor. What items are at the top of people’s wish lists this summer? Besides all-time favorites like bath and kitchen remodeling, many owners are opting to install domestic lifts, add energy-saving solar panels on the roof, or acquire functional backyard sheds. Other choices save energy and make the structure more beautiful, which is why double-paned, insulated windows are big sellers this year. The following improvements are among the year’s most preferred for people who own homes of any size.

Domestic Lifts

Once a rarity on home improvement lists, domestic lifts for the home are slowly moving up the ladder of preference among new and established owners. This is especially true among those who value safety, luxury, and function in their add-ons and upgrades to living space. Installing a home lift can not only turn any room into a showpiece, but it allows people to move from floor to floor safely, a prime advantage for older adults and anyone with a disability. The beauty of adding a lift to a living room or common area is that the device not only bolsters the home’s attractiveness but can significantly increase the potential resale price and current book value.

Rooftop Solar Arrays

As the cost of rooftop solar panels comes down every year, more homeowners are opting to add arrays that supply a portion of their monthly energy needs. For owners who reside in warm climate zones, some of the newest kits can not only deliver a significant amount of free electricity but add value to the property and make it easier to sell. It’s interesting to note that in many parts of the world, solar kits for home power generation function just as efficiently on the ground as on rooftops. Every summer, there’s an uptick in sales of solar panels and DIY arrays, and this year is no different. However, lower prices are enticing more people into the market.

Large Backyard Sheds

Sheds are a low-tech, highly efficient add-on for property owners who need extra storage space but don’t want to commit to a major financial outlay. Not only are sheds versatile, but major merchants offer free delivery and fee-based setup for those who don’t want to hassle with assembling the things themselves. What people love most about sheds is that they serve multiple purposes. In addition to storage receptacles, sheds can be used as pet abodes, game rooms, study nooks, and garages for small vehicles.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Whenever warm weather arrives, people begin exploring creative ways to reduce utility bills, and energy saving windows are an excellent option. While every house is unique in terms of structure and energy use, replacing old windows with energy savers can cut power expenses by as much as 20 percent in some cases. The savings are especially significant for older, large homes that were constructed before energy-efficiency was an issue.


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