Benefits of Dental Crowns and How to Enhance Their Lifespan

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns will serve you for long depending on the design material and the quality of care you accord them. They can last for up to 15years if you practice healthy oral practices. This restorative treatment helps fix various dental problems, including cracked, decayed, deformed or chipped teeth. Your dentist will use the crowns to cover your damaged tooth’s visible part, shielding it from further damage. Are your chipped teeth affecting the variety of foods you can take? If you are, then the specialists at Scott Young, DDS, can help. During The Woodlands dental crowns appointment, your doctor will assess your teeth before working on the damages. Benefits of Dental Crowns-

How can you make your dental crowns last?

  • Brush or floss regularly- Benefits of Dental Crowns

Oral hygiene practices like brushing are crucial in caring for your teeth. Do not assume that the risk of tooth complications is significantly reduced because the crown covers your enamel. Lack of proper healthcare practices may also damage gums and jawbone supporting your teeth.

  • Wear a mouthguard

Wearing protective gear is crucial, especially if you grind your teeth. A mouth guard helps protect your crown from the surrounding teeth, lowering the risk of the surrounding teeth damaging the dental restorations. You might not need the protective gear, especially if you do not grind your teeth. However, your doctor will recommend a mouth guard during particular physical activities.

The dentist may also suggest regular dental appointments to help detect damage signs and fix the issue before it advances.      

What advantages are you likely to have with dental crowns?

Thanks to dental crowns’ versatility, your dentist might combine the restoration treatment with oral prosthetics like bridges and implants for a better outcome. The benefits of using the restoration treatment to address dental issues include:

  • They provide patients a long-term solution to the dental problems your dentist uses them to fix. 
  • Crowns will give you naturally-looking results. Another person cannot notice a dental crown virtually. The only time another person can detect the crown is when the material your dentist used to design the prosthetic cannot match the natural color of your teeth.
  • A crown restores your damaged tooth’s functions, allowing you to enjoy your food.
  • You have various options since your dentist can design them from different materials. The most common materials include gold, porcelain and stainless steel.
  • Dental crowns have no adverse post-op reactions since your doctor designs them from biocompatible materials.
  • Crowns do not require special care. The most your dentist can demand is to uphold good oral health practices.
  • Your dentist may also use the crowns to hold your tooth’s remaining fragment intact, minimizing its risks of further disintegrating. The treatment can be ideal for dental issues like severe tooth decay or damage.

Though the dental crowns are not as strong as your natural teeth, they are effective and will help enhance your smile. To make the crowns last you longer, your dentist might advise you to avoid unhealthy habits like breaking or chewing ice with the prosthetics. Call your dentist to discuss your options with crowns to know if they can best fix your dental problem.


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