3 Treatments That Can Improve Women’s Sexual Wellness

Women's Sexual Wellness

Women’s sexual wellness is an important topic that should be treated with its respect. Since sexual pleasure is so personal, there are many different opinions on what women should know or do to be more comfortable about their bodies and sexuality. It’s a good idea for women to explore themselves and find what works sexually. As women grow older, they develop various sexual concerns and problems, which you can fix through lifestyle changes and simple home remedies. Other matters require medical attention to fix the problem, so you may need to talk to a women’s sexual wellness specialist in Fort Worth. Here are some common treatments women seek to improve their sexual life.

1. Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic wave therapy has multiple benefits, including increased libido and satisfaction among sexually active women. The sound waves are generated by an electrostatic device which causes low-frequency acoustic waves to penetrate deep into the tissues where microcurrents (tiny electric currents) are generated, causing cell membrane absorption. This enhances blood flow in the reproductive organs and increases tissue elasticity. It effectively treats vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, urinary incontinence, and uterine prolapse.

It comes with various benefits ranging from reducing pain associated with periods to improving libido and performance in bed. Those who experience these benefits also tend to feel more confident about their body.

2. Vaginal Revitalization Shot

After a woman’s reproductive years have ended, her vaginal tissue remains high in estrogen receptors. Thus, testosterone (and other androgens) will stimulate the growth of vaginal tissue. Androgen treatment (such as Testosterone Injections ) can help thicken the skin to create a “revitalized” vagina that is more sensitive and receptive to sexual arousal.

Sexual gratification can be achieved more frequently and intensely when the vaginal tissue becomes thicker and has better blood flow. The rejuvenation of the vagina can help ward off incontinence, which is prominent in older women who have not had children.

3. LadyLift

LadyLift is a surgical procedure that uses liposuction to remove excess body fat, redistribute it and transfer it into the breasts to enhance their shape. This combination of liposuction breast enhancement creates beautiful curves for each individual in all the right places. The unique aspect of Lady Lift is that it can be performed simultaneously as other surgical body contouring procedures such as liposuction arm lift or tummy tuck. Liposuction creates a natural rejuvenation of the skin from head to toe without incisions. The result is smooth, firm, and youthful-looking skin with enhanced curves where liposuction is performed.

It has various benefits such as lower back pain relief, firmness of the breasts, symmetry of the body, etc. The procedure is done under general anesthesia. Recovery time is 7-10 days, where only moisturizers are applied to the operated area to reduce discomfort. The breast will stay swollen for two weeks after surgery.

In summary, women need to explore, experiment, and test out various things that may improve their sex life. Thanks to modern technology, treatments are available for even the most challenging problems women experience. However, it’s always wise to research any potential treatment you consider before undergoing anything too drastic or permanent.


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