Costs of Building a New Deck- for Creating an Attractive Outdoor Space

Attractive Outdoor Space

Adding a deck in your property is an excellent way of using the extra space of the outdoors in an amazing manner. It allows you to socialize with your family and friends in a beautifully designed outdoor space. Apart from offering an extra space for relaxation, the deck also increases the value of your property. Thus, before you move ahead with this home improvement project, you should know the costs of building a new deck. The deck increases the property value while enabling you to recoup 70% of the building expense when you plane to sell your home in future. But before you invest your money, time and efforts in building this favorite spot of your home, you need to create a budget for making a new deck as an Attractive Outdoor Space.

Reasons to add a new deck in your property- Attractive Outdoor Space

When you have decided to expand the functional living space of your property by building deck, you need to make sure that you are choosing the best deck designs. It will add value and character to your property, while offering you a lovely space where you can entertain your guests. Deck is a worthwhile investment that will offer huge returns in future and you will also be able to sell your property at a higher price.

Factors that determine the costs of building a new deck- Attractive Outdoor Space

The overall cost of the project is directly dependent on the design and features of the deck that you have selected for your property. For building a good quality deck, you will have to spend a large amount of money so that you will get the perfect place for enjoyment and relaxation. There are many variable and constant costs of deck installation that you need to know so that you are ready to meet the expenses.

The different costs include

Cost of decking material- the most significant cost that you need to keep in mind during deck installation is the material cost. It is based on the decking materials that you choose, the overall design and the size of deck that you have chosen to install.

Cost of labor- 50% of the deck installation costs is spend on the material and labor as it directly impacts the overall deck installation costs. Both these costs can vary from about $15 to $30 per square feet which is determined on the basis of the deck design and size. Reach out to  to get a free quote on the cost of building your new deck.

Long term costs- building a deck are a onetime expense, but you will need to pay regular maintenance costs in the form of insurance and taxes. You should include these costs to the deck budget because you have to pay these charges over your lifetime.

Deck railings costs- the cost of deck railings starts from $20 per linear foot but it depends on the material of the railings. You can choose any design or size of the railings according to your budget and preference so that you don’t have to overspend on the deck installation project.

Deck flooring costs- there are different flooring options that you can choose for your deck which include hardwood, composite lumber, cedar and pressure treated wood. The most cost-effective option from these flooring is the pressure treated material. It is about 20%-30% less than the hardwood or composite decking and the selection of the flooring is based on your budget and preference.

Design features- the kind of design that you choose for the deck determines the overall cost of deck installation. If you are looking for a more professional look, you need to spend more money on the project. You will have to lowest price for a single level deck surface but the cost of the deck will increase significantly with each addition of the design features and elements.

Building permits costs- before you start building the deck, you will need to get the building permits from the local jurisdiction. When you are living in an area that requires permit then you will have to spend extra money on the deck installation. Moreover, the permit costs are determined by the scope and size of the deck that you wish to install. The style and features that you choose for the deck will increase its total construction costs.


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