Benefits of A Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal

Before you pay to have a specific sort of roof built on your home, you should first learn about what it has to offer. A standing seam metal roof has numerous advantages, particularly for agricultural or commercial buildings.

The mention of commercial buildings shouldn’t limit your application of a standing seam roof. You can have this kind of roof installed in your home too. Are the benefits of a standing seam metal roof legitimate?

If you still don’t believe that you can get a lot out of a metal roof, talk to your contractor for a guide on Metal Roof Installation. Consult a team of trusted roofing experts to educate you on what standing seam metals roofs offer.

Read on to learn more.

A-List of Benefits of A Standing Seam Metal Roof

While exploring the idea of getting a standing seam metal roof for your building, you will discover several benefits. Let’s study those benefits at length.

Low Maintenance Cost

Some roofs require you to set time and resources apart for maintenance. Standing seam metal roofs have concealed fasteners. Therefore, the elements don’t have access to the washers or screws, so there won’t be damage from corrosion.

Also, there is sufficient room for expansion and contraction, so there is no need to climb the roof every time to re-tighten the screws. Still, schedule the recommended maintenance once a year to spot potential problems.

Energy Efficient

The paint detail standing seam metal roofs play a significant role in energy efficiency. Experts consider standing seam metal roofs cool since the surface has cool reflective pigments.

It reflects heat and reduces heat on the roof. After reflection, heat gets radiated back into space. You will notice a significant reduction in your utility bills since your cooling unit does not have to work hard to cool your room.

Increases Home Value

Typically the condition of a roof plays a significant role in increasing the value of your property. Renovating your house using a standing metal seam metal roof is recommended to increase your chances of increasing the value of your property.

It would be best to primarily use this roof on an upscale home to maximize this benefit. A standing seam metal roof has elegance and value that matches the house it is set upon.


As a homeowner, you will most likely need to acquire a standing seam metal roof at some point. The use of a roof is a long-term investment that can endure up to 70 years. Because it is made of metal, the roof can survive adverse weather conditions.

 First, you won’t have to worry about the roof collapsing during storms or strong winds. Rusting and fade are issues that hardly ever affect a standing seam metal roof. Secondly, the seams on a standing seam metal roof run vertically and are raised above, which ensures it has reinforcement.

It Offers a Large Selection of Colors and Materials

When choosing a roof color, you have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of colors. The panels come in a PVDF paint system which works for metal roofs. Each color matches the lifespan of standing seam roofs which is 50 years.

You will find that most of the roofs come in bright, vibrant colors. All the color –paints available for these roofs fade slower than other paints. Your choice in terms of materials can also be aluminum or steel, or zinc.

Compatible with Solar Panels

Specific installations in your home can be impossible in the presence of certain types of roofs. Luckily all you need is special clips to attach solar panels and other attachments on a  roof.

Having the opportunity to use clips instead of fasteners eliminates the possibility of leak points. Standing seam roofs ensure that you never have to worry about looking into repairs for leaks in your building.

Fire Resistant

Most of the time, metal roofs can withstand fires. Proof of this occurrence is when there has been a fire in a neighborhood, and a single roof remains standing. Often you will find that such a roof is most likely metal.

Stand seam metal roofing would be a good idea, especially if you are setting up in a region frequented by fires. Standing seams have a Class A fire rating, the highest fire-resistance rating.

Although such roofing may not be entirely fireproof, it ensures that a fire does not spread. That’s why firefighters have sufficient time to manage a fire. Having an entire fire-resistant structure is the safest way to go.

Improves Curb Appeal

Consider standing seam roofing to transform the appeal of your curb’s appearance. Most housing experts would recommend it—the elements at work when you have this roof are its modern, sleek design with symmetrical features.

A standing seam metal roof has concealed fasteners and screws, making it even more appealing.

Weather Resistant

There are regions where having a metal roof comes in handy. Metal is firm and robust to withstand snow and ice formation. Ice slides off the top so that it does not create an ice dam, which could cause problems later.

It is the ideal roof for stormy climates. The coating on the top ensures that it does not face regardless of decades worth of exposure to the sun.


Metal roofs are made primarily of recycled materials. There is a growing trend toward using recycled materials to avoid dumping and pollution.

Besides containing recycled material, you can also reuse and recycle used standing seam metal roofs. Although a standing seam metal roof is mainly recycled material, it does not affect performance.

Final Words

Get in on the action and consider installing a standing seam metal roof in your building. From the review of some of the benefits that this kind of roof has to offer, it’s evident that you cannot go wrong in investing in it.

Ensure that you understand the various characteristics of a standing seam metal roof before getting it. Involving an expert’s opinion can guide your decision about installing standing seam roofs. They are the cost-effective way to go with roofing.


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