How to Install Bathroom Partitions Properly

Bathroom Partitions

Whether in a public building or multifamily building units or apartments, bathrooms are an essential part of it and the building code requires that buildings must have public access bathrooms. Therefore, owners should ensure that public restrooms are well maintained and regularly updated. However, the whole bathroom renovation is expensive and time-consuming, and in the case of high-rise buildings, the constant noise and hassle of repairmen and contractors going in and out of the building can upset the tenants and cause complaints. The solution here, of course, is to use bathroom partitions that are easy to install and can immediately spruce up your bathroom and make it look brand new. However, with so many bathroom partitions on the market and the difficulty of ensuring that what you ordered fits the bathroom you are renovating, you need to know more about the partitions and how to use them. More importantly, installing a bathroom partition can be easy, but it can be difficult for someone who is not familiar with the modular system. The fact is that there are currently very few new homes in the area that follows all building specifications and regulations. In the past, we have always trusted the architects and engineers who designed them. As a result, bathroom renovations in older homes can be difficult, and some may not even complete the renovation due to the existing installation and it will create additional problems. However, if you are working on a tight budget, installing the new bathroom partitions will be a practical choice. It’s cheaper, simpler, and without the hassle of paying contractors and staff. If you are not familiar with how bathroom partitions are installed then read on to learn how to do it properly.  

Decide which bathroom partition you need

In most cases, bathroom renovations and remodels result from the need to address violations as needed or when rules and procedures change every two years. In the past, bathrooms had ample room for space and other functions, but today you have to consider whether they are usable, the height of the bathroom door, and even the swing area of the doors to think about. If you need to remodel or renovate a bathroom in your home, consider using bathroom partitions. It is already prefabricated and in a complete modular system, and if you install it according to the installation instructions of the manufacturer, you have solved your problem with your bathroom needs. But before you do anything, you must first understand your bathroom design and layout. You can change the layout if you’re upgrading, but if you’re just doing a facelift or update, you’ll have to stick with the old floor plan and work from there. Once you’ve figured that out, you can figure out the length, floor-to-ceiling height, door location, color, fixtures, and bathroom partition, including the bathroom style that you want. All this is necessary to ensure that you will be able to build the bathroom you envision with little effort and minimal headaches. For this, you have to prepare everything before you even start tearing down the old bathroom. So be sure to order the partitions ahead of time as it may take some time for the partitions to be delivered to your site. You also need to have the correct measurement for the dimensions of the bathroom and the individual stalls. The bathroom partitions you will order depend on that key information. If you order the wrong sizes, then the partitions would not work, and this will be a bigger problem for you. The partitions are prefabricated and you cannot just cut off any excess from it, you have to return the partitions to the supplier so they could change them to the correct sizes. This will take more time and will delay your project. 

Find the best bathroom partitions on sale

Bathroom partitions are now a staple in every hardware store, allowing you to be able to choose from different designs with standard sizes. This is possible if the store has the right sizes that you need, and if so, you can pay extra and have it installed for you. With so many stores and businesses closing, the chances of finding 5 bathrooms of the same size, material, and color will be next to impossible. So, if you cannot find the partitions that you need in your local hardware, you can find an online store that supplies bathroom partitions. They have a great selection of partitions and they have several in stock, so if you need more than 5, it will not be a problem. You can call the store’s customer service representative and ask about the specific bathroom partition that you need and they will help you find it. You can order the partitions immediately if they have them in stock, but if not then you can ask them when it will be available and the lead time it will take them to source it. Once you can order, you can also have the partitions delivered to your build site so you do not have to worry about transporting them. If you are looking at getting the cheapest ones, ask for any special promotional offers or discounted partitions. More often than not, if you order more than 3 partitions, they will give you discounts for the other partitions. 

Get professional help in installing bathroom partition

The bathroom partitions you ordered come with full information and instructions, and these are all you need for installing them properly. However, if you are unfamiliar with this product, it is best to trust an expert. Partition suppliers not only send you special instructions and videos on how to install bathroom fixtures but also provide a professional setup to guide you through the installation. They will guide your every step of the way and soon you will be renovating your new bathroom. Alternatively, you can hire a carpenter or someone with experience in DIY projects. Bathroom partitions are not cheap, and you cannot afford to make a mistake in installing them as it can be very expensive to replace any of the damaged partitions, so you should get them the first time. You just need to work with carpenters and staff who know what they are doing and can provide the necessary support for your bathroom installation project.


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