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With the widespread use of cannabidiol-based natural medicines, there is also a growing number of new websites that describe and advertise these products from dozens of manufacturers. The popularization of this product is associated with numerous studies by scientists who are constantly experimenting with cannabis dosage forms. Superfoods, which are derived from these extracts from CBD, are not addictive and don’t contain psychoactive components, and their benefits are not in doubt even among skeptics. 

CBDtop is one of the most popular and convenient websites where each visitor can get the maximum amount of information and CBD reviews on products presented in the catalog assortment.

What to expect the user from the first visit to the site

Among the large number of information portals describing substances and drugs based on CBD, it is extremely difficult to choose a reliable portal with the most complete and accurate content. The site CBDtop is one of the undisputed leaders in the rating of such portals, and when entering it, the user receives the following impressions:

  •         All sections and pages of the site have a graphic background with green and white shades, which is perfectly combined with the main theme of the information portal – medicines based on 100% natural plant materials.
  •         The main page is designed in an attractive and restrained style. In the upper part of the window, the user will see a horizontal menu with links to the main subsections of the site, as well as a news blog, the information which is updated in real time.
  •         Among the subsections of the main menu, there are Featured, Brands, and Reviews links that allow you to go to the relevant content filled with useful information.
  •         By going to the Features section, the user can get full information about the manufacturers of products presented on the site – like reviews of Avida, Procana, cbdMD, Medterra CBD, as well as reviews of other large well-known companies. Procana CBD review is presented in great detail, since this company is one of the largest on the market, and it has also cooperated with the trading platform for a long time.
  •         To get more accurate and complete information about each brand, just click on any of the links, and the system will automatically redirect the user to a new tab.
  •         Unlike most of its competitors, the site not only highlights the largest companies producing processed cannabis medicinal forms, but also craft manufacturers that supply products to the market in small batches, such as Caliper, Kushly, NuLeaf Naturals, Nanocraft. This list does not limit the listed products and for a detailed acquaintance with the full list of all brands, it is recommended to immediately go to the site.
  •         A special place is occupied by reviews and ratings from this website, which are described on the basis of scientific research and fully prove the benefits of these drugs, as well as the absence of narcotic components in them.

As with many other information portals owned by competitors, much attention is paid to sections such as customer reviews of the brand’s products. However, unlike many other similar sites, only independent reviews are present here, which can be both positive and negative. This gives each new user a complete understanding of the benefits of a particular product.

How is the search bar on the site arranged?

A special pride of the developers is a convenient interactive search bar, which allows you to achieve the following results:

  •         A quick search for a product of interest by the first letters in the title or description.
  •         A convenient filter system with the ability to quickly sort the necessary goods by brand, dimensions, and volume, indications for use, pharmacological action, useful qualities, and contraindications.
  •         Adaptation of the text in the search line to analogs, in case of incorrect data entry.

Thanks to intelligent search, each visitor can easily choose exactly the product that best suits his needs, as well as in accordance with the planned budget.

Why choose this site?

Despite the presence on the Internet of a huge number of other competitors offering similar products, many users prefer This is due to the fact that such a website has many advantages and useful features:

  •         First of all, only beginners can find the largest number of interesting articles and roundups in the review section. Content allows you to understand the benefits of cannabis that doesn’t contain narcotic components, as well as erase stereotypes.
  •         Content also allows consumers to decide to buy, even if the person has never tried similar drugs before. but wants to do it on the recommendation of friends.
  •         Content is provided only on the basis of verified articles and the opinions of experts with education in the field of biology or chemistry. In this way, each article is substantiated by scientific language, and such content can be trusted, unlike most other sites where the authors of the reviews do not even know. what they write about.
  •         All general reviews are always linked to a specific product of a well-known brand, presented in the catalog of the website. It means. that the user not only receives the information of interest to him, but the content also gives him the opportunity to use it for practical purposes, when buying a certified product.
  •         Detailed independent reviews of brands are not promotional in nature and are based on expert opinions and feedback from real consumers of the brand’s products. This reduces the risk of purchasing a low-quality product, as well as causing damage to health and life. The consumer can not only choose the most suitable drug for him but also calculate the acceptable dosage and frequency of use in advance.

Experts and users recommend this website for both educational and practical purposes. Reliable information on the Internet regarding little-studied data is very rare, which is why many portals contain content based on guesses and personal opinions. Here, the developers have worked hard and collected in one place only the most valuable information, which can always be checked in authoritative sources.

Definitely, is one of the best portals on the net, describing the beneficial properties of medicinal cannabis and preparations made on the basis of its extracts.


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