Moving Leather Furniture

Moving Leather Furniture

The moving process is notoriously difficult. Many things (e.g. leather furniture) must be transported with special care and caution. The transportation of furniture made of leather is in many ways different from the transportation of any other thing. The fact is that the properties of leather upholstery and upholstery fabric are different. Consider these properties for Moving Leather Furniture:

  • leather upholstery is less durable than fabric upholstery;
  • leather tears easily;
  • leather rubs quicker.

Transportation Of Leather Furniture- Moving Leather Furniture

These features of the properties of upholstery materials determine the rules of transportation of leather furniture:

  • Transported such furniture should only be in the operating position, ie, on legs.
  • During transportation, the leather upholstery must not touch other objects.
  • Nothing should be placed (put) on the leather furniture.

Normal sofa for example, when transporting can be put upright, and then just fix it for stability some other things. If transported furniture that has leather upholstery, then such transportation is simply not allowed. The leather sofa should be put in the car in the operating position, then separated from the walls of the car body with cardboard. Fixing the sofa can only be made by its wooden parts. 

Never allow the leather upholstery of the sofa to touch the leather of the chair or the belts being transported here because it will rub off, even if there is cardboard between the materials. Therefore, if you need to transport a sofa and 2 chairs, it is a desirable lengthened truck, and on the condition that nothing else with these three items in the truck will be transported according to movers in Oshawa.

Of course, this point does not apply to all items, such as cushion on the couch to put everything is possible, but with heavy objects need to be careful. The thing is that the car does not always travel at the same speed and a sudden stop or change of trajectory foreign objects may cause damage to the upholstery of expensive material.


Loading And Unloading Of Leather Furniture

But moving – it’s not only the transportation of furniture, but it is also no less important loading and unloading work performed by movers. Their diligence, experience, skill depends largely on the safety of your furniture. During these works, especially in the process of carrying leather furniture on the straps is very important not to accidentally damage the upholstery. 

Loaders put a protective sheet of flexible polypropylene between the leather sofa and straps, it helps to distribute the load of the straps relatively evenly on the chair (sofa), and also protects the furniture from dirt when the movers put it on the floor.

The sofa will stay clean if it is wrapped in a special air bubble wrap. Except that the film adds bulk to the furniture and makes it difficult for the movers to visually control the edges of the item they are carrying. 

The film also complicates their work when the doorway is narrow, and carrying a sofa through it is difficult. Leather gets hurt the most when you are carrying furniture through a doorway. For comparison: a sofa with fabric upholstery can be pushed through the opening, applying force, but leather furniture does similar categorically impossible.

Why Is It Important To Go To The Professionals?

The main rule of movers, as well as any professionals – do not to harm. If they, for whatever technical reasons, can not guarantee the absolute integrity of furniture during loading (transportation) – they do not carry out the operation until they are notified by the management of the company and the customer of the work. 

Simply put, if the sofa does not pass through the doorway without difficulty – the decision to remove the furniture and all the possible risks of property damage shifted to the owner of the furniture.

In winter, in frosty weather, the leather loses its elasticity. Experienced movers, knowing this, before bringing leather furniture in the apartment be sure to give it some time to “warm-up” in the hallway before taking it into the warm room.



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