What Makes Furniture Vintage?

Makes Furniture Vintage

Getting vintage furniture seems like something all the trendy influencers are into these days. Pop onto any interior design feed and, sure enough, there will be a crushed velvet couch or ornately designed mirror with rustic finishes. People love vintage furniture because of its unique design potential. Modern pieces, even in different styles, tend to utilize similar materials and boast neutral color palettes.

By incorporating vintage furniture into your home’s decor, you can achieve a one-of-a-kind look that feels both exciting and refined. But how do you really know what makes furniture vintage? Is vintage a style, or is there more to it than that? You don’t have to be an antiques dealer to know how to spot authentic pieces. In fact, the definition of vintage actually makes a lot of highly affordable furniture accessible in 2022.

It Must Be At Least 20 Years Old

To answer the question of what makes pieces of furniture vintage, anything produced in the year 2000 or earlier is considered vintage by this year. So, all the nostalgic pieces that may remind you of childhood are now considered classic by the design world’s standards. It can feel a bit odd to see furniture that still feels youthful classified as vintage, which is why most people turn to older decades when looking for new investments.

What if it’s Restored?

Furniture restoration can transform an old piece of furniture into something new, but it doesn’t change the fact it’s still vintage. This means restored couches, desks, bureaus and the like are all still considered classic pieces, no matter how recently they’ve been redone. You may even prefer a restored piece of furniture with an older manufacturing date. Because wood and fabric don’t always age well, pieces 20-40 years old are likely in need of some TLC anyway. Especially in the case of solid wood versus fake composites, the restoration process will need to be specific. You may also consider buying furniture in need of repair, so you can get a major discount and use the savings to customize it to your liking.

How Much Should You Spend?

First and foremost, you’ll want to lower your monthly expenses before buying any large pieces. Price doesn’t always guarantee quality, but if you’re buying through a reputable platform or vendor, you can trust that the price tag comes with a guarantee. Budgeting for new furniture can be a challenge, which is why saving through practical means is always the best bet. Rather than opt to borrow money and take on more debt, try to lower what you already have. You can refinance student loans through a private lender to free up space in your bank account every month.

When it comes to the ideal price point, it all comes down to size, material and vendor. Buying through an auction, for example, will likely cost more than going directly through an antiques dealer. You can, however, also score great deals online by looking up vintage furniture selling platforms. Some of the most popular include Etsy, One Kings Lane and Chairish. Surprisingly, Instagram also has a ton of great dealers who you may not find otherwise. It’s also the perfect place to look for interior design tips, so you can place your new pieces perfectly with your existing decor.


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