Which is the Best Concertina and why?

the Best Concertina

The reason this piece was brought forward for you is that it’s important for you to know the distinctions & specifications that span across the world of Concertinas to ensure you pick and train with the right equipment that fits the bill of your unique being. The Best Concertina-

Based on our previous experiences, especially with beginners, it’s been discovered that the process of choosing the ‘right’ equipment -which in this case is the Concertina- almost always proves to be a great hurdle to jump across. 

In here, we’ll dismember the myths & facts around the various Concertinas available right now, and ultimately guide you to make the right choice for your career or personal usage.

So as to sift the wheat from the shaft, you should know that this information is primarily important for the Classical music artists of traditional music who, according to history, predominantly stem from England, Ireland and South Africa.

It’s also important for individuals that aspire to be the next Ludwig van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, amongst a host of other legends of the craft.

Also, if you belong in the Chamber Music, Classical Music and Virtuosic Solos sector of the music industry, or it’s your dream to be a part, then this should be your statterboard to help you select the right axe that will cut down huge trees in your music career.

In this article, we’ll give you premium information on;

  • What is the Concertina?
  • Brief History of the Concertina
  • Major Types of the Concertina
  • Evaluation of their Pros and Cons
  • Which is the best Concertina?
  • Where to get it to give you a head start in your career (either amateur or professional cadre)

Now, let’s wham-bam on the strings and… let’s dive in and answer the burning question(s) you’ve got!

  • What is the Concertina?

According to the English Dictionary, it’s a musical instrument, like the various accordions, that is a member of the free-reed family of musical instruments, typically having buttons on both ends.

  • Brief History of the Concertina

Nothing of note just drops down from thin air without having its root from somewhere, even though it may be untraceable at first. A man himself had a root of creation too.

And the Concertina is no different.

If you remember, in the earlier part of this article, we mentioned three major groups of people as the major historic proponents of this instrument, and its historical background will take the course of being related to them.

For the English, it started out predominantly as an instrument of art music, nothing more, nothing less. But subsequently, its widely adopted usage was swayed positively by the versatile and portable build of this instrument.

Looking at it from the history books of the Irish, this instrument -particularly, the Anglo Concertina- was used more frequently on the corridors of their traditional music.

Also, in the African part of the world, it was recorded that the Anglo Concertina was the most favored of all Concertinas to grace their ear & rhythm sector.

  • Major Types of Concertina

We’ve got a series of Concertinas in the squeezebox family, but listed here are the most prominent types.

They are; the Anglo Concertina, the English Concertina and the Duet Concertina.

Although, your choice isn’t limited to these three, you’ll be best served if you streamline your taste or choice to this three & pick the one that stands out for you from the lot.

  • Evaluation of their Pros and Cons

Here, we’ll give you a neutral submission of the advantages and disadvantages of these uniquely built instruments.

Before we do that though, you’ll be furnished with some eye-opening information on each of these three instruments.

  1. Anglo Concertina

The word ‘Anglo’ in itself stands for an English person or someone with an English ancestral lineage. 

When you take a look at the actual 20-button Concertina curated by Carl Uhlig, a German in the 18th century, you’ll discover that the Anglo Concertina is an incorporated version of the English & German Concertinas themselves.

  1. English Concertina

This has the enviable honor of being the first amongst all in the family of the prestigious Concertinas.

It also comes with a special & unique build because in your two hands, you’ll have the same size of the scale, and the buttons it contains -which are unisonous (they produce the same sound)- are arranged in four staggered rows.

  1. Duet Concertin

The last but not the list of the major Concertinas is the Duet version.

The major thing that makes this Concertina unique from the other two is that it has its higher notes on the right side, and its lower notes on the left side of the instrument. It’s also unisonous.

Now, to the Pros and Cons part…

  1. Anglo Concertina 


It’s of higher quality but cheaper than the rest of the lot.

It enables chromatic plays on different types of keys (flats and sharps).

It’s highly favored by the Irish.

It’s more enjoyable to play because of the ease of switching keys with minimal movement.


It gets picked up by people majorly due to economic reasons.

It’s harder to master.

  1. English Concertina


It has more versatility when it comes to creating harmonious sounds.

It allows you freedom to play on different music varieties.


It’s less convenient to play as it has playing to be done while standing

It doesn’t allow for a more inclusive, hands-on control

  1. Duet Concertina


It fits in across all traditions.

Its versatility allows it to play harmony and duets differently or at once.


It’s not fully chromatic

Now, to the final part of the puzzle…

  • Which is the Best Concertina?

Considering the major economic downturn being faced in various parts of the world, individuals are more focused on getting value for their money, and you as a music artist shouldn’t be left behind.

This major factor alone makes getting the Anglo Concertina a no brainer. For the low price it carries, it functions as the best of the lot in the Concertina family.

It also allows getting in and out of enjoyable sound flows in different ranges of keys from the Highs to the Lows.

And you don’t have to run around the kill just because you want to switch your keys for a higher level of pleasant sounds.

  • Where to get it to give you a head start in your career (either amateur or professional cadre)

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You’ll be glad you shopped from us.

And this brings us to the end of today’s article.

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