3 Best Places to Rent an Apartment in NYC

apartments in nyc

New York is one of the greatest metropolises globally, with a multilingual population and the best sightseeing. As a result, living in this city probably is a dream for many people. And if you are going to actualize your plan before moving to New York, don’t forget to consider one of the essential points: finding the place to live. 

As there are many neighborhoods in NYC, the rent demand and the prices are getting higher according to statistics, renting an apartment would seem very challenging and take some time to find an appropriate one to your requirements (location, price, etc.). 

But how can you know which places are better for you, how to organize searches to make them more effective, and find a desirable apartment in a short period.  

So what to consider? 

If you have already started your search for renting an apartment, clarify your requirements. For example, you want the apartment on a busy and crowded street or in a calm district surrounded by parks. Do you prefer short term rentals in NYC, or are you going to stay longer? 

Looking for premium furnished apartments or simple ones will be perfect. Get information about neighborhood safety, access to transportation, shops, and other places you will need while living. After clarifying all these requirements, your searches will become more targeted. 

Besides that, specify your budget to know how much you can spend on an apartment renting and skip the expensive ones. Also, make clear the conditions of payments, check if they accept payments online, or other details that are essential for you.  

Furthermore, before making a choice, look at the social media insights that will help you form a general idea about a specific location, get information about advantages and disadvantages, and learn more about the experience, which will help further rent an apartment. 

So if you decide to move to New York, don’t miss these three attractive places.

1.Sunnyside, Queens

Queens is the place that is often being underestimated, but it’s one of the convenient places to rent an apartment due to its low prices, plenty of activities, and a short distance to Manhattan. Sunnyside is a perfect neighborhood for families looking for an apartment to rent. It’s a creative neighborhood with a unique community and many cafes and restaurants. Kind and friendly people and old and low-rise buildings give this neighborhood a warm atmosphere. 

2.Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn

This one is also a very comfortable and appropriate location for families and those who prefer a quiet place for living. The beautiful limestones in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, just south of Brooklyn’s lovely Prospect Park, which has a zoo and lakeside leisure area, are still rented out at affordable costs. There are many cafes and restaurants, bakeries, and prestigious shops. But, if you seek a night out, this neighborhood isn’t for you. 

3.Washington Heights, Manhattan

Washington Heights is one of the hidden gems in Manhattan, which is sometimes being ignored when finding a renting apartment, maybe because of its “dark” past. This neighborhood offers affordable and more expansive flats than other parts of Manhattan. It has many cafe spots with great food, beer bars, and other places of interest, so you will never feel a lack of joy in this place. It’s enriched with many green open spaces where you can enjoy your weekends or walk around after a working day. 

So if you want to live in NYC but rent an apartment with cheap and comfortable conditions and a pleasant environment around, this place is worth considering. 


Here are only a few good locations to rent an apartment in NYC. But the mentioned three places have a lot of advantages to look at and plan to rent an apartment. Quiet and friendly neighborhoods, cheap food, and pleasant surroundings are all we need, especially in NYC, where there is a high cost of living. 

So the final choice is yours, but don’t forget to look at these attractive neighborhoods mentioned above, which have a lot of advantages. 


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