How To Keep Birds Away From The Chimney: 6 Cool Tips!


Birds are really lovely creatures, but sometimes they can also prove to be a danger. For example, if they keep nesting in your chimney, not only will it get blocked, but the birds will also fall prey to fatal diseases. On the other hand, chimneys are the perfect spot for any bird to have its home.

They offer protection from harsh weather conditions. The mother bird can also protect her young ones from outside prey. But even then, it’s essential to make sure your chimney is bird-free. If you wish to know a few tips to remove birds or their nests, we have some cool ideas for you!

  1. Chimney caps

Chimney caps are popular tools that keep the rain away from the chimneys. They can also help prevent birds’ entry into your chimney, depending on how the caps are made.

Ideally, you should choose a cap that can allow plenty of airflows but doesn’t let any small animals or birds in. You can go for galvanized steel chimney caps because they come in various shapes and sizes. The mesh size can also be adjusted according to your needs.

  1. Spikes

Spikes, as the name suggests, are a bed of stainless steel nails that make it difficult for birds to land. If any bird notices the spikes from afar, it will automatically avoid your chimney. You can either buy spikes from a store or make them yourself using nails and aboard.

Spikes are an effective and permanent solution to stop birds from nesting inside your chimney. Stainless steel spikes are the best and can be found in various shapes. Make sure it fits well around the chimney’s perimeter.

  1. Removing the nest

If you see that a bird has already made a nest inside, you should remove it carefully. Always make sure the nest is empty before you remove it so that no harm comes to the creatures or any eggs. If you try to throw out an active nest, you could end up with a hefty fine.

A simple sweep of the chimney interiors can remove the nest. You can either do it yourself or ask any chimney sweep services in your locality to help you. When the birds have left the nest, use a proper chimney sweep to remove debris. This will prevent the birds from returning.

  1. Special scents

There are many odors you can use to drive away birds. For example, garlic, cayenne pepper, and peppermint oil have been known to shoo away birds. However, they are all organic products, so none of them will harm the birds in any way.

Always make sure you don’t use too many chemical or synthetic substances since they can be harmful to the birds and you. Other organic substances include chili and vinegar.

  1. Noise

You can go for an outdoor sound emitter to keep birds at bay. Enough noise, like banging some utensils together, will scare the birds away, although it can be hurtful to their ears (and to yours too!). The sound emitter will also work well indoors and be less unbearable to humans.

However, it will emit sounds at a special frequency that will be uncomfortable to the birds’ ears.

As a result, they will fly away. Birds that have already nested in your chimney will try to raise their young ones there, so use an emitter as early as possible to prevent any chances of an active nest.

  1. Rehabilitation center

If none of the above methods work well enough, it’s time to call a rehabilitation center.

Specialists are working there who know how to remove birds or other small animals carefully without causing damage to them or your chimney. These services are mostly free of cost, but some might charge you a nominal amount.

The specialists usually take the birds into their custody and find them a new home.

Over to you…

If you understand how to keep birds away from your chimney, it will save you quite a lot of time and money with respect to cleaning and maintenance. In addition, the risks of fire are also lower when you have a clean chimney. So not only do you keep yourself safe, but you also take care of your feathered friends!



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