Long-term dieting: Is it possible?

Long-term dieting

The topic of dieting is always going to grab attention – it’s something that’s never going to go away. Long-term dieting-

There’s, of course, the aesthetic issue of everyone wanting to look their best. However, there are also obvious health repercussions. While heart disease and other more ‘direct’ conditions often grab the headlines, let’s not forget that excess weight can cause joint problems that arguably cause even more claims for health insurers

Today isn’t about comparing the Atkins diet versus the South Beach one or other highly famous mechanisms. Instead, it’s looking at dieting from a long-term perspective and showcasing some tips on how you can break it into your everyday life. 

Dieting doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing 

This is a crucial point that a lot of people seem to forget. Just because you’re dieting, it doesn’t mean that you can’t ever enjoy a treat again. In fact, if you go overboard on your diet, you’re likely to put all the weight back on (plus some), and then you’ll have to start from scratch.

It’s much better to think of dieting as a way of life – something you do every day rather than a short-term fix. And yes, that includes treats! 

Gradual weight loss is the key 

When you’re dieting, it’s tempting to want to see results as quickly as possible. However, this is often counterproductive. Crash dieting is bad for your health, and it’s also not very sustainable. 

A much better way to go is to aim for gradual weight loss. This will help ensure that you don’t put the weight back on after you’ve reached your goal, and it’s also much more manageable in the long term. 

Sure, you might want that beach body in three months – and you might certainly achieve this. However, it will take an excruciating amount of effort, and there’s every chance that your former body will return shortly after. Instead, think sustainably. Sure, it might “take” longer, but it also might last a lot longer.

Dieting doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy food 

Food is one of the great pleasures in life, and it’s important to remember this when you’re dieting. It’s all too easy to get into the mindset of ‘I can’t eat that because I’m dieting’ and, before you know it, you’ve cut out all your favourite foods. 

This isn’t sustainable, and it’s also not particularly healthy. A much better way to approach things is to enjoy your favourite foods in moderation. There’s no need to deprive yourself completely, and this will only make you more likely to binge later on. 

Exercise is key 

Along with diet, exercise is another essential element of sustainable weight loss. When you’re dieting, it’s tempting to think that you can slack off a bit, but this is not the case. 

In fact, exercise is even more important when you’re dieting – it helps to burn off those extra calories, and it also helps to keep your metabolism going. 

There’s no need to go to the gym every day or run a marathon. However, making sure that you get some form of exercise every day is crucial and can make your eating regime more sustainable.


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