TikTok Beauty Tips that Are Approved by Experts

TikTok Beauty Tips that Are Approved by Experts

TikTok is an app that largely rose to popularity in 2020 due to everyone’s extra free time during the pandemic and surprised many people when it proved the assumption about being only for pre-teens wrong; now, those of use spanning all ages find ourselves spending far longer than we’d like to admit scrolling through videos, keeping up with TikTok trends, and maybe even creating our own uploads. The truth is that TikTok is really hard not to enjoy; it’s packed with entertainment both funny and cute, product recommendations, recipes to follow, design and decor DIYs to attempt, and beauty tips to learn from. There are numerous different popular avenues on TikTok but one that has been taking the social world by storm is the app’s beauty videos. You have to admit it—TikTok is filled with beauty tips that both blow your mind and appear legit. 

In order to find out which of the TikTok beauty trends actually work, we’ve turned to the experts to help us out. We brought ten trendy TikTok beauty tips that have gone viral to our beauty experts and they confirmed that these ones are actually legit. You can rest assured that you’re free to implement them in your own life without feeling scammed. Let’s dive in to the beauty tips that TikTok taught us.

Applying Cream-Based Blush Under Concealer and Foundation 

“If you have dry skin and/or feel as though your blush always looks unnaturally vibrant against the rest of your makeup instead of providing you with that perfect sunkissed glowy look, this TikTok beauty tip is for you. Essentially, it reverses the typical makeup application steps of concealer, foundation, and then blush by starting with the blush. The results are a little shocking at first so you really have to play the whole thing through before you decide if this hack is one you can get on board with. You can start by smoothing a generous amount of blush on your cheeks, temples, forehead, and nose (or wherever you normally would apply it) and blend it in. Be prepared, it might look a bit like you’re suffering from a particularly inflamed rosacea flare up at first, but you’ve got to trust the process. Cream-based blush works best for this trick. Then you can apply concealer and foundation as normal and blend them well. The finished result should be a full face glow that appears to be coming from under all the makeup as though your skin is naturally sunkissed to perfection,” says Gia Marie Jurosky, Director of Communications of RoseSkinCo..

Moisturizing While the Skin is Still Damp

“Men might be a little less inclined to admit that they discovered any beauty hacks on TikTok, let alone tried them, but I for one am a huge supporter of creating more transparency around the fact that men need solid skincare routines just as much as women. So I’m not ashamed to admit that there are some really smart self-care TikTok tips that both men and women can implement. TikTok’s ‘#skincarehacks’ is for everyone. One such hack to be learned from TikTok is the method of applying your moisturizer to your still-damp skin immediately after cleansing. The MadeMan routine is simple with only a gentle cleanser and moisturizer that do the job on their own, and this skincare tip works perfectly with our duo. I encourage all MadeMan users to follow up The Resetter with The Refresher moisturizer while their skin is still slightly damp as it will help the product glide on even smoother. It’ll lock both products into the skin with a seal that penetrates deeply, accelerating the product ingredients,” says Jeremy Gardner, CEO of MadeMan.

Applying Eyeshadow to the Roots

“Here’s a hack that even professional makeup artists were already on trend with, but now TikTok users have shared the love (a.k.a the tutorial) to the masses. For anyone who likes to rock the slicked back hairstyles, like a tight bun, braid, or ponytail, or who simply worries about a sparse hairline, the TikTok beauty hack about filling in your forehead with eyeshadow is a gamechanger. You can approach this trick a few different ways, either by taking an eyeliner or brow pen that matches the color of your roots and drawing hair-like strokes anywhere you see a gap, or by simply filling in those less full sections with an eyeshadow or contour powder that matches your hair. I know I get annoyed by those little baby hairs by my temples that never seem to grow in as much as I want, so this trick is perfect for filling in the somewhat bald sections. TikTok users might have brought this tip into the light but they didn’t invent it; even Ashley Graham’s makeup artist has gone on the record saying she uses this trick on her client’s slicked back hair looks,” says Lillie Sun, Growth Manager of Three Ships Beauty.

Creating a Homemade Face Mask with Turmeric, Honey, and Milk

Turmeric has a number of amazing health benefits and also works wonders for the skin. Turmeric is known to brighten the skin and leave it glowing and radiant. Lactic acid comes from sour milk and I’m a big advocate of lactic acid for its gentle exfoliating properties. Honey is known for having natural antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it good for treating various skin conditions. This is a fun DIY facial to do at home,” says Abi Olek Hewett, Aesthetic Specialist at Beau-Skin London.

Using Dandruff Shampoo as a Face Mask

“The new trend of treating fungal acne with Zinc shampoo – more commonly known as dandruff shampoo – can work extremely well. Dandruff is caused by a yeast-like fungus (Malassezia) that feeds on oils on the scalp. Dandruff shampoo is an anti-fungal treatment designed to help heal the scalp, reduce itchiness and combat the excess oil production,” says Desi Valentine, Founder of Skinned.

Creating Soap Brows with Actual Soap

“You might have heard the term ‘soap brows’ going around. It basically refers to the look of perfectly messy brushed upwards brows (think full but effortlessly mussed model brows). But because of TikTok, it now also refers to the use of actual soap to create this look. TikTok users brought to attention the concept of wetting a spoolie, gliding it through a bar of clear soap in corn on the cob rolled in butter style and then brushing it through your brows, all while shaping them in the direction you want them to go. This method of styling does work, courtesy of TikTok, but be sure not to apply too much soap and to be gentle if you don’t want to accidentally rip out any of your brow hairs,” says Cindy Le, Co-Founder and COO of Revela.

Applying Lifted Blush on the Upper Cheeks 

“There’s no one way to properly apply blush but it has long been touted that the best place to place it is on the apples of your cheeks for a nice lifted glow. Many of us might be stuck applying it only in this one location forever if it weren’t for TikTok; the app has a lot of ideas about where you can and should apply blush by showing side by side results. One newly popular method for application is brushing upwards on the temples and around the eyes rather than directly on the cheeks. Then, you can also get a little more creative for a glowy look, such as the tip of the nose and the forehead or eyelids. But TikTok users are correct in showing that an alternate method of applying blush that gives more of a natural blend to the skin is not on the base of the cheeks but closer to the temples, brushing in upwards strokes,” says Rachel Roff, Founder and CEO of Urban Skin Rx.

Double Cleansing the Face 

“One beauty idea for squeaky clean skin that TikTok has brought to people’s attention is applying two rounds of cleanser when washing your face. This tip is wise to follow because that first cleanse might not get all the way down into the pores. By doing what is called the ‘double cleanse’ you can ensure no dry skin, pollutants, or product residue remains on your outer layer of skin when you go to bed. This tip is especially important for those wearing makeup during the day to ensure no traces remain, potentially blocking the pores, but is equally helpful to everyone, no matter how simple their beauty routine. After all, we should all be wearing sunscreen and moisturizers daily, and you want your day products to be adequately rinsed away at night,” says Ubaldo Perez, CEO of Hush.


TikTok has a lot of uses, from sheer entertainment to actual learning scenarios that you can use to make your life a little easier, but sometimes it’s hard to differentiate which videos show tips and tricks that are legit and which don’t. We turned to the experts to find out which TikTok beauty tips are real and they confirmed that you can use all of these life hacks as part of your self-care routine. So feel free to gather your supplies and give these beauty tips a go—but we won’t judge you if you choose to go back to TikTok and keep scrolling instead.


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