Why is Cashmere Such an Amazing Fabric?

Amazing Fabric

Do you need a warm sweater for the cold weather or winter? Most people struggle to get top-quality sweaters. Are you? Have you heard about cashmere fiber?

Origin of Cashmere

Cashmere is a ball of fiber wool that comes from cashmere and pashmina goats. It comes from China, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Mongolia, where these goats live. It is a natural fiber that’s exceptionally soft. It is used to make jumpers, cardigans, and jackets for winter or cold weather. These cashmere cardigans last long, not bulky, versatile, and durable.

Why Wear Cashmere Clothes

  •         Free From Allergies

Cashmere is 100% pure. The clothes are made healthy-friendly so that you won’t have any allergies. Also, it is very soft so that you won’t get any skin allergies.

  •         Always Tasteful and Fresh

Many clothes we buy shrink and wrinkle after some time, but that is different with cashmere clothes. They are always perfect; you won’t find a single crease. Also, cashmere clothes don’t lose their stylishness, even after years of wear.

Five reasons Why Cashmere Fabric is Amazing

  •         Warmth Cashmere fabric has more warmth compared to wool. This is because it has an insulation capacity three times more than wool. Wearing a cloth with cashmere keeps your body warm but not hot.
  •         No itchiness -The cashmere density is high, resulting in the texture not being itchy. Even when wearing directly on the skin, it has a great feeling.
  •         Lightness- Cashmere jumpers or cardigans can be lighter than those made by wool and still keep your -body-war
  •         Pilling- where there is short fiber in a jumper, more friction results in wool peeling off. But, in cashmere cardigans, designers make sure that the fabric doesn’t peel.
  •         Durability– The best cashmere products last longer; cardigans can last ten years when given the proper care. 

Three Ways to Know Top-quality Cashmere Fabric

  1. Color of Fiber

Before dying, fiber comes in three natural colors: beige, white, and brown. As you know, beige and brown it’s hard to dye, but white you can.

  1.   Thickness of Fabric

To know if the jumper is made of cashmere fabric, touch it to feel soft and place it in your neck to feel if it’s itchy. Also, cashmere fibers have a diameter of 15 to 19 microns. So the lower the thickness.

Also, look if there is even distribution of the fabric, the jumper will start to peel off. If you notice excessive fluffiness, the span has a shorter material.

  1. Length of the Fabric

Quality cashmere depends on thickness and length. The longer ones are more resistant and durable. Fabric length ranges from 28 to 42mm. Look at the neck, and you know its height.


In this article, we’ve seen that investing our money in cashmere clothes is worth it, and we have seen why we should buy them. 


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