How To Choose A Front Facade For Your New Home?

Facade For Your New Home

A facade is the front or exterior of a building or other structure, typically one that is visible to the public. A front facade may be quite different from the other sides of a building. Homeowners design it to impress with its size, shape, color, and ornamentation. In fact, they are a top choice for most homes due to their aesthetic appeal, and they can make an ordinary home look extraordinary.

The shape, color, and ornamentation of the facade are usually part of the architectural style. For example, an Italian villa might have a dramatic red façade with white trim.

At the same time, the size of a house’s facade can depend on many factors: the number of rooms in the house, style, and its location – either in a small or large city. If it is in a large city, it most likely will have an imposing front with a number of balconies.

4 Popular types of facades

What are the four most popular façades at the moment? Here is our rundown of the top four, as well as a description of their key features.

1). Hampton Style

The Hampton style is a popular architectural design from the early 20th century. It comes with asymmetrical facades with lots of windows and a variety of materials.

The ever-popular Hamptons trend is not going away any time soon. Begin your journey to a beautiful living with these Hamptons furniture from La Maison and create character-filled design features such as gables, verandas, and timber trims that can add timeless appeal to this style of façade. Character-filled design features such as gables, verandas, and timber trims can add timeless appeal to this style of façade.

Classic in design and elegant in execution, these additions help to create an inviting atmosphere that speaks to the heritage of the property. The Hamptons look is ideally suited to two-story houses and is one of our most popular façade designs.

2). Coastal Style

For seaside homes, a comfortable and inviting façade is necessary, and texture is essential.

Coastal homes typically have unique facades that must be carefully considered in order to not only blend in with the surrounding environment but also have the durability needed to withstand the weather.

To produce a façade that genuinely mimics the look and feel of the landscape, use a color palette of gentle whites, taupe, and beige with highlights of natural wood and neutral-colored texture, or use darker wood and other deep natural tones.

3). Traditional Façades

You don’t have to worry about the traditional façade of your home being dull or old if you choose it! Beautiful design modifications such as a partially or totally rendered exterior, wooden screens paneling around roofs and over the entrance door, and the addition of exposed stone may quickly transform your house into a new architectural wonder.

Whether you choose this design modification because of its beauty or practicality, the final result is sure to be one worth sharing with your family and friends.

4). Modern and Stylish

The key design element of modern homes is the flat roof profile, which is quickly becoming very popular in recent years. This style, inspired by mid-century modern architecture and with a contemporary twist, is fast becoming so hot right now and will be for quite some time.

A monochromatic color palette works well with this look to complement its geometric features. In recent years, these homes have become popular because of their fundamental design elements: a flat roof shape and a monochromatic color scheme.

Perhaps the most appealing element of a home with a flat roof is that it is not difficult to install. Architects design modern homes with the thought of building them on an as-built basis, leveraging the advantages of contemporary building techniques and construction methods.


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