Men’s Haircuts for Receding Hairlines

Haircuts for Receding Hairlines

Receding hairlines are a common issue with many individuals. A scalp or hairline tattoo is one of the best solutions to help people with receding hairlines. Also known as scalp micropigmentation, the treatment lasts for at least 4-6 years when performed properly by a professional practitioner. Haircuts for Receding Hairlines

Many individuals will face side effects related to receding hairlines. This may include low self-esteem and embarrassment. Stress, anxiety, and depression are also common to those experiencing hair loss.

Men Haircuts for Receding Hairline

Several factors increase the risks of receding hairlines: family history, hormonal changes, illnesses, or medications. Currently, there are many haircut styles available for men who face fading hairlines. Here is an overview of some top haircuts that men with receding hairlines should consider.

1. Clean Shave

A clean shave is a smooth shave that leaves no hair. Besides shaving a receding hairline away, the shave allows the skin to breathe and improves one’s overall look. This shave is good for getting rid of acne and other dead skin cells. 

Note that a clean shave does not work for every person. All that is needed is for the shave to complement one’s appearance.

2. Faux Hawk Cut

Faux hawk cuts are a modern haircut trend for many young men. The haircut shortens the hair on the sides of one’s head. A central ridge of long and upright hair is left from the head’s front to the back.

Faux hawks focus on the hairline center. Opting for this style means clients will look amazing while also working around diminishing hairlines.

3. Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts comprise short hairstyles. Many barbers use clippers to perform buzz haircuts. Compared to a clean shave, a buzz haircut takes away less hair but still offers a close shave. 

Buzz haircuts are a military-inspired style. There are other reasons why a buzz cut is a good option for men with receding hairlines. The cut defines the facial features much better, improving the clients’ look. Taking care of a buzz cut is also much easier compared to other complicated haircut styles.

4. Crew Cut

Crew cuts basically shorten the upright hair on one’s head top. The cut only fades the hairs on the side and back of the head. Similar to a buzz cut, a crew cut shapes the front of the hairline to prevent it from receding.

There are many reasons why men get crew cuts. For example, this cut does not affect one’s skin health. A crew cut also gives one an official look: it is a fixture in the world of business. Unlike many other haircuts, crew cuts go with any outfit.

5. Regulation Haircut

Regulation cuts are another military-inspired haircut for men. The cut trims the hair from top to bottom. In many cases, a regulation haircut fades the hair on the sides. Having thinner sides of hair means there is a better balance of a client’s temple and overall visage, making the hairline more even.

Like the crew cut, regulation haircuts can blend with every working and social environment. These cuts are also easy to maintain. 

Get a Hairline Tattoo

A hairline tattoo is a significant treatment for people with receding hair. The treatment does not use surgical methods but rather involves the use of natural pigments. A scalp tattoo gives a look similar to that of a buzz cut or clean shave.

There are reasons why a scalp tattoo is good for dealing with receding hair. One of the reasons is the treatment’s durability. Unlike surgical procedures, the treatment is also a natural process and does not affect hair growth in any way. 

Micropigmentation is easy on the scalp and an available option for anyone with a receding hairline. For quality and safe results of this treatment, remember to choose an experienced practitioner.



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