10 Things That Can Spoil Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Whether you’re trying to sell your home, having it appraised, or just hoping for an inviting facade to welcome your guests… your home’s curb appeal can make or break your personal (or financial) goals. Home cleaning and home maintenance are the keys to an inviting feel. 

These 10 blemishes can give your guests a shabby first impression or cause real estate agents to avoid your calls when you’re ready to sell. 

Crumbling Roof 

Whether ripped-up shingles, chipping slate, or a rusty metal roof – it may be time for an upgrade. While more costly than other home maintenance projects, roof repair or replacement by Union Kentucky Roofing can increase the value of your home in addition to creating an inviting appeal for guests.

Worn Walkway 

If the pathway to your humble abode is broken, filthy, or a complete tripping hazard, you may want to give it a massive facelift. A simple cleaning with a powerwasher or deck scrubber can make a world of difference but if your walkway is a safety issue – it could cost you more than just the potential sale of your home. 

Wild Grounds

Pulling up to a home that appears unkempt could turn your guests away. Be sure to keep the grass cut and foliage trimmed. If your home adorns a hedge or bushes, shape them with some trimmers and rid your property of any decrepit trees. 

Unbalanced Decor 

Symmetry is often pleasing to the eye. When deciding where to place newly potted plants or porch furniture, consider spacing symmetrically around the designated area. Decide on the central focal point and grab your tape measure to ensure that polished and inviting look. 

Dilapidated Garage Door 

Depending on the location of your garage door, it could be the first thing visitors see. Often close to the street, it could be littered with road dirt and cobwebs. Give it a good power washing and consider freshening it up with a new coat of paint and beautiful hardware. 

Dingy Exterior 

An easy way to increase your curb appeal is a good old-fashioned home cleaning. Dirty siding or windows can give your guests the wrong impression about what’s going on INSIDE your home. With a little elbow grease (and maybe a pressure washer), you can transform the overall look of your home. 

Lackluster Landscaping 

For a quick landscaping fix from West Chester lawn care, add well-placed and colorful plants (that compliment your home’s color scheme) near the entryway. Just like bees crave those succulent flowers, your guests will be drawn to them too. If ground-planting is not your forte, grab some attractive planters for your stunning foliage.  

Drab Decor 

If your home is littered with 5-year old dead potted plants around the front entrance, the flower beds are crowded with broken statues and garden gnomes, and the birdbath looks like a pterodactyl washed in it… it’s time to retire them. Increase your curb appeal instantly by ridding yourself of these ornamentation eyesores.  

Frumpy Front Door

Peeling paint and dated hardware could turn your home’s focal point into a complete spectacle. Visit your local home improvement store for a new set of locks and door handles, and a can of refreshing paint to transform your entrance into one that guests can’t wait to walk through. 

Musty Mailbox

Your home could be the most updated, clean, and gorgeous one on the block, but if your mailbox is from the 80s – it could ruin the entire ambiance. Update your mailbox with a style that matches your home’s architectural flair and consider replacing your house numbers for an added touch. When home cleaning done right not only will your guests be complimenting it, but your mailperson will thank you. 


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