6 Tips And Tricks For An Efficient House Move

Portrait of happy senior couple packing cardboard boxes while moving to new house

A house move may sound a bit difficult to accomplish without some troubles. Preparing for a house move will help set up a successful plan. Dedicate a day to creating an action plan including all the resources you might need. A good plan will ensure a less stressful move without the hassle.

Relocating to a new place takes effort, time, and money. Luckily, these tips and tricks below can ease the process.

  • Hire Professional Movers

Hiring professional movers will take too much work off your plate during this stressful time. Working with experts can be a great experience and time-saving if you hire the right service provider. 

If your budget happens to be too tight, you can opt for a do-it-yourself (DIY) move. For a DIY move, inquire if your friends and family can help you move. If you happen to live in Australia, you can hire a shipping container to help store and move your items. But first, discuss the price before signing any contracts.

  • Set Your Budget

Moving from your old apartment to a new one can be expensive, but setting a budget can help minimize the amount of money you’ll need. Your budget will also determine if you’ll get a moving track or find an alternative to help you move. An efficient house move will ensure the amount used when moving won’t be strenuous to the owner to make a move less stressful. 

  • Make A Checklist

Another tip is to create a moving checklist with a set time. It may sound tedious to do so, but it works pretty well. Everybody’s timeline will not be the same depending on the given notice before moving. So, including the timeline will help ease the move by reducing traffic jams.

Listing down your to-do list will help you remember what you have to move and appointments that need to be accomplished before moving. This initially encourages memory commitments. You could include certain tasks such as setting mail forwarding services, segregating items you’re not willing to leave behind, ordering packing materials, and contacting utility services to schedule their services.

  • Declutter Your Items

Moving to a new place is a perfect time to declutter because that’s when you decide not to proceed with the things you don’t want. Sort out your items and donate or throw them away if they’re in bad shape. This step will save you space in your moving truck and time when moving. Decluttering reduces your stress before packing as you analyse what to take because of your next home’s measurements. 

  • Get Packing Supplies

In this stage, you should have decided what you’re donating, selling, or throwing away, which means you have an idea of the number of things you have to move. Now it’s time to get moving boxes more than the approximated ones or else you’ll start running in and out searching for supplies while you pack. Getting packing supplies earlier will save you time stress and help you organize when moving.

  • Pack Wisely

Most people have experienced home packing at some point in life, and you know how time-consuming it can be. However, your move will be less stressful and more efficient with the following tips:

  • Start With An Essential Bag: Packing day will be chaotic, so prioritising your essential bag can help you not forget important items. Items in your essential bags are things you’ll use during the moving process. This may include documents, chargers, changing clothes, medications, and basic toiletries.
  • Leaving Your Clothes In The Drawers: Don’t leave your dresser drawers empty. You could include clothes and non-breakable items in the drawer. Moreover, leaving these items inside will save you space. Just wrap the drawer with a secured plastic wrap to prevent the clothes from falling when moving them.
  • Leave Clothes On Hangers: Leaving your clothes on hangers will make your work easier in your new house. Group them by six or seven, then wrap them in a large bag or use a wardrobe box that includes a metal hanging bar that holds hangers with clothes.
  • Finish Packing A Day Before: To make your moving day smooth, you have to finish packing at least a day earlier to avoid confusion, jams, and stress on a moving day. Wrap all your stuff before the moving truck arrives.


To avoid hassles on your moving day, it’s best to have someone to help you out in directing the movers on what to take first and what’s delicate. Having a person who can handle the movers will save you time and money. You could also follow the tips mentioned above for a smoother house move.



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