Top Instagram Followers

Top Instagram Followers


Nowadays, social media has become the biggest tool to reach the heights of fame. Therefore, if we talk about top Instagram followers, we will come to know who has the most public following behind him or her on this public platform. Before diving into the details of the most followers on Instagram, it is of the utmost importance that we make the world aware that a population of 1 billion users is actively using the Instagram platform worldwide. You cannot even imagine the popularity of this platform in the world. Also, since it is the best place to provide your influencing thoughts, you can get paid for your content.

The Top Instagram Followers A Detailed Analysis

Although we follow random uninformative posts that are just a waste of time, it is important to pay attention to each word of this article because we will tell you who has the highest number of followers on Instagram. Some names will make you happy, and others will shock you. So, let’s start with the one on the top:

1.      Instagram

Although we do not witness it all the time, if we look at the numbers, the highest number of followers belong to the official page of the Instagram platform itself. The number stands shockingly at a mark of 441 Million. If we talk about the feed posted through this account, we will come to know that this account is used to post the most amazing content and the most interesting people on the Instagram platform. But this is not all; they produce some of their original content. Now the question is who makes the record by beating Instagram in the number of the highest followers on the platform.


2.      Cristiano Ronaldo

The name Cristiano Ronaldo is respected in all the circles of public, the reason being his extraordinary performance on the football field. If we look at the number of his followers, we will know that he is the most followed human being on Instagram. The number of his followers stands at 366 Million. This is a huge number, and still, he is miles away from the first position. But we can say for sure that no other human also can beat Cristiano in this walk of fame. The feed on his account surrounds his family and some marvelous clicks of him on the field during the game. But this is not all. You will also find him enjoying some other life experiences. He was also the first human to cross the mark of 200 Million followers.

Cristiano Ronaldo

3.      Kylie Jenner

Let’s just say that Kylie has secured this place with extreme difficulty because her numbers are in a constant challenge with the famous football player Lionel Messi. Her number stands at 281 Million followers. Kylie is a phenomenal woman who has secured many records on this platform. Now, if we talk about the most liked post on the internet, this title was in the lap of Kylie Jenner for a long time. She also has several such posts ranked among the top 20 best posts on Instagram. If we talk about her feed, then it would be some photos of her work and some baby photos. You will also find the partner of Kylie posing for a photograph too in some of the feeds.

Kylie Jenner

4.      Lionel Messi 

Lionel Messi’s name does not need an introduction because he is one of the favorite sports personalities and football players. Messi also has almost a similar score as compared to the star on third place Kylie Jenner of 281 Million followers. If we look at his account, just like all other players, you will find clicks of him in the field practicing the game and an insight into his personal life. What is most interesting about his feed is the posts regarding the events that he attends and the posts of his dog. You will surely like the post of the famous star.

Lionel Messi 

5.      Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”

Not many actors are loved by the public even though many get fame on a vast level, but still, this fame is limited. But some celebrities have gained fame on the international level, and people from all corners of the world appreciate their work. Dwayne Johnson is a wrestler come actor and who has been able to secure a position in the top followers list. You will not find any wrestler in the list of top 20. He stands 5th in the ranking of the highest number of followers on Instagram. His count stands at 278 Million. His feed will show you the pictures of him in the gym working out and some posts where he shared his life with his family.

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”

6.      Ariana Grande

If we talk about the singing universe, the singer who has the most followers on Instagram is Ariana Grande. She is a famous musician whose music skills are second to none. If we look, she stands as the second woman in the world with the highest following. These are huge numbers, and if we look at her feed, you will see several posts where you will find her performing. There are also several posts where she comes across other entertainment industry celebrities. Also, there are some lovely pictures of her enjoying her life. The number of her followers stands at 275 Million.

Ariana Grande

7.      Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is the third most popular woman on Instagram and stands seventh if we talk about the highest number of followers on Instagram. The number of her followers is 272 Million. She is also a musician and an actress of versatile abilities. Her feed gives us an insight into the life of a famous popstar and some other posts regarding her social activism.

Selena Gomez


The numbers of top Instagram followers help us determine who are the most famous personalities and phenomena in the world and the names are surely the ones who deserve this fan following. We are looking forward to seeing some new names shortly.


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