Radhe Box Office Collection

Radhe Box Office Collection


When it comes to the entertainment sector, you will never be disappointed by the performance of Bollywood films. They will always live up to your expatiations. Radhe box office collection helps us understand whether the films and movies are sometimes not very extraordinary but still they cannot be ranked into the category where people will skip them and move on to another option for their entertainment. Movies have always been a great adventure for the public. Since it is an inexpensive enjoyment, a bulk of the general public can enjoy it. Therefore, you can say that cinema is a universal entertainment platform globally.

Radhe is an action thriller starring the most favorite actor of Bollywood, Salman Khan, and the gorgeous and stunning Disha Patani. The cast is very powerful, and you can realize that one of the most important characters is played by the all-time famous actor Jackie Shroff. The film’s direction took place under the supervision of Prabhu Deva, and the production was carried out by Sohail Khan and SKF (Salman Khan Films). The film was a collection of action, thriller, romance, and comedy. Finding such versatile natures in a single film is truly difficult. Also, we are aware that this movie was produced as a sequel to a past film of Salman Khan named Wanted. People have been waiting for this movie for over a decade.

Radhe Box Office Collection Numbers With A Day To Day Analysis

The financial figures of any film help us understand whether this movie was successful on the big screen or not. This is precisely why the critics follow the day-to-day progress in the financial numbers of the film. A comparative analysis between the cost and profit of a film will help you understand whether it was a success or a flop. Although it was released during the COVID days, you might not find the box office collection very satisfactory. On the very first day of its release, the movie collected 0.001Cr INR in India. But if we look at the figures from abroad, the numbers stand at 4.75 Cr INR. It was the highest-grossing day at the box office of overseas countries.

Radhe Box Office Collection Numbers With A Day To Day Analysis Radhe Box Office Collection Numbers With A Day To Day Analysis

But if we take a look at the daily numbers, then the day 2 and day 4 after the release of the movie that were Friday and Sunday, made up to the level of 0.002 Cr INR. After the first day, the foreign box office witnessed a decrease daily. Resulting in a decrease in the number of movies. Therefore, if we take a look at the first week’s collection, then the foreign box office numbers stand at 17Cr INR. At the same time, the numbers of the Indian Net collection stand at 0.01 Cr INR. These numbers are not very satisfactory for a movie of this high magnitude. The total box office collection of overseas sectors was 18.60 Cr INR, and the Indian net collection stands at 0.01Cr INR.

Radhe Box Office Collection Chart

The below-given chart will help you understand it in a better manner.

Day 1 [1st Thursday] ₹ 0.001 Cr ₹ 4.75 Cr
Day 2 [1st Friday] ₹ 0.002 Cr ₹ 4.45 Cr
Day 3 [1st Saturday] ₹ 0.001 Cr ₹ 4.30 Cr
Day 4 [1st Sunday] ₹ 0.002 Cr ₹ 1.50 Cr
Day 5 [1st Monday] ₹ 0.001 Cr ₹ 0.70 Cr
Day 6 [1st Tuesday] ₹ 0.001 Cr ₹ 0.55 Cr
Day 7 [1st Wednesday] ₹ 0.001 Cr ₹ 0.45 Cr
Day 8 [2nd Thursday] ₹ 0.001 Cr ₹ 0.30 Cr
Week 1 Collection 0.01 Cr 17.00 Cr
Week 2 Collection 1.10 Cr
Week 3 Collection 0.35 Cr
Week 4 Collection 0.15 Cr
Total 0.01 Cr 18.60 Cr

What Are The Overseas Numbers For Radhe Box Office Earnings?

To understand the success ratio of Radhe on a large scale, it is of the utmost importance that we witness the individual numbers of the different countries where it was released. It will help us in getting a better picture of this scenario. So, if we start with the overseas collection, the first stop will be UAE, where the collection was near $1.54 Million or 11.25 Cr INR. This was the highest-grossing country. Australia secured the second position because of some astounding numbers of 2.80 Cr INR or $390K. Since the Indian population in Australia is in bulk, these numbers are satisfactory. USA stood third in these numbers with 2.25 Cr INR or $310K. New Zealand secured fourth place with the grossing limit of only $75K or 0.60 Cr INR.

What Are The Overseas Numbers For Radhe Box Office Earnings?

These are not very strong numbers for a film of this magnitude, but we can still benefit from the doubt because of the prevailing COVID conditions. Now, if we move on to the rest of the world where Radhe was screened, the numbers stand at 1.70 Cr INR cumulatively.

Radhe’s Screening On The Online Platforms

Online streaming platforms have become the most innovative way to watch a newly released film. Now, if we take a look at the success of Radhe on the different online platforms and the number of views, then we will be shocked to know that on the very first day, the number of views received by Radhe stood at 4.2 million. Since the total Budget of Radhe stands at an approximate amount of 100 Cr INR. Therefore, the verdict that whether the movie was a hit or a flop is still inconclusive. One of the biggest factors that had a huge impact on the film’s release was its screening in only three cinemas in India, whereas the movie had a normal release worldwide. This had a huge impact on the financial figures.

Radhe’s Screening On The Online Platforms


The success of Bollywood movies has always been judged based upon the fact that how much they earned on the box office. Radhe Box office collection has given us an inconclusive result. But still, it was great to see Salman Khan on the big screen once again as a policeman. We are waiting for more from the famous star in the future.



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