Packing List for visiting Europe: Top 10 Essentials

Packing List for visiting Europe

Europe is the dream destination of most people. This place is fast and diverse and filled with amazingness. The continent offers a mind-blowing travelling experience by presenting you with a chance to explore different cultures, beautiful castles, tasty food, and more. But when you are travelling to a new place, many questions pop up in your mind such as what kind of electrical sockets it has? What is the current weather? How to dress appropriately? And finding the answer to these questions defines what you should pack for your Europe trip.

It can be very stressful to decide what to pack and what not when visiting Europe for the first time. So, let’s walk into a full-proof Europe packing list to ensure that you carry all the important stuff without making your luggage weigh more.

Packing list for visiting Europe: Top 10 Essentials

  1. Portable Charger: No one wants their mobile phone to go out of battery as it allows them to capture memories, track locations, and connect with their loved ones. So, to avoid such hassle, the portable charger should be on the top of your Europe backpacking essentials list. It will take up less space in your and will solve the purpose.
  2. Comfortable Shoes: If you want to explore every part of Europe, it’s essential to feel comfortable. And that’s why comfortable shoes are a must to be included in your Europe packing list. You can carry stylish footwear too, but on days when you are willing to walk a lot and save bucks on booking cabs, comfortable shoes are a must.
  3. Europe Power Adapter: Different countries have different power outlets, and so does Europe. The most common outlets you will find in Europe are Type C, E, F, and G. So, that’s why always carry a Europe power adapter with you. It will help you keep your electronics charged. You can also get the convertor to avoid last-minute stress.
  4. Toiletries: Although most hotels and Airbnb offer toiletries, you should also carry your own toiletries as the specific product might not suit you. You are in a new location, and it could be hard for you to find a toiletry store near you. So, prepare your small bag with stuff like toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, moisturiser, and other essentials. You can also carry that bag to the public washroom if you are not comfortable using publicly used products.
  5. Enough Underwear: Make sure to add comfortable Underwear to your packing list for Europe. People are usually in a rush while travelling, and they don’t get time to wash their clothes very often; so, to ensure hygiene, carrying plenty of innerwear could help. 
  6. Watch: Watch is a perfect accessory for everyone and can help stay updated with time. When taking phones out of pocket might be challenging, a watch can help you check the time. Here, you can go for the smartwatch as it will suit both casual and formal outfits, and you can even connect your phone with it.
  7. Thermal Layers: Every country in Europe allows you to experience different weather conditions. So, you have to add suitable clothes to your Europe packing list. Here, if you don’t want to carry jackets and make your luggage heavy, go for thermal layers. You can wear them in close places under your clothes without interrupting your dressing sense.
  8. Europe Guidebook: Whenever travelling to Europe, carry a Guidebook with you. It can help you reach the best points in the country, like the hidden Scottish castle, untouched spots, and more to experience the real side of nature. It will allow you not to use your phone for everything and make your trip convenient.
  9. Travel Pillow: Sitting in the same position on flights or trains could be challenging and can impact your back badly. So, to get better sleep during the long journey to Europe, bring a travel pillow with you. It will give you a better posture in flight and allow you to sleep on the plane or train.
  10. Water Bottle: Don’t forget to make reusable water bottles a part of travelling essentials for Europe as it will save your bucks on buying plastic bottles everything, save the environment, and keep you hydrated. Also, it will maintain the temperature of the beverage and make you feel good.  

Note: Never forget to carry your travelling documents, passports, and E-tickets for expediency.


This was the backpacking Europe packing list that can make your trip easier. However, it is impossible to make any packing right without having an appropriate suitcase or backpack. It will keep your stuff organised. Once you get the right bag, always focus on the season of your vacation, what you are planning to shop there, and make a checklist based on that. Also, if you are travelling during the Covid-19 epidemic, always check the government travel restrictions and carry all the requisites with you. It will help you pack right, remove the unwanted hassle, and save enough time.

So, did we miss something on our list? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. And if you feel this packing list for Europe can be helpful for anyone you know, don’t forget to share this with them.


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