Top 8 Things Your Dog Needs

8 Things Your Dog Needs

Bringing home a four-legged ball of fur is an amazing, joyful experience. To provide your dog a comfortable, long-lasting, and happy life, you will need to make sure that the dog fits well in the family and you will need to take great care of the dog throughout their life.

The first happens naturally, while the latter needs effort. While security, comfort, and love can be argued as the only thing your dog will need, there are other tangible needs your dog will have.

You will need to make a beeline to the pet supplies store. You will need to figure out and buy all the required items that can help provide a comfortable and stress-free life for your pooch.

To simplify this maddening and anxious experience, we have enlisted the top eight things that your dog will need.

Even before you bring your pet home, you need to buy pet supplies which are essential to ease their homecoming. These supplies include:


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Food and water bowls are necessary. We recommend buying at least two sets of stainless steel, glass, or ceramic bowls to serve them food and water. Please avoid buying plastic bowls as they can prove harmful for your pets.


Toys are a great way to provide your pet with the much-required physical and mental stimulation. There are different types of toys that you can buy for your pup. First, you will need to experiment with different toys to find your pet’s preferences.

Crates and Gates

There is always a fear of the dog running away from a new environment. Thus, you should invest in crates and gates to confine them to a place while getting them familiarized with it. Over time, you can, then, leave them unsupervised and get rid of them. However, crates can come in handy while traveling with your pets. 

  • Dog ID Tags

Dog tags are essential as they can help find your dog if they get lost or escape. The tags should contain the dog’s name, owner’s name, address, and contact information. This will ensure that your loved one will return to you as quickly as possible.

Preferably, the tags should have a martingale-style or buckle collar. The tags should be worn 24/7 as an emergency can strike at any time.

  • Cool, Comfy, and Cozy Couch

Dogs spend half of their time sleeping. Hence, you will be required to create a cozy, comfortable sleeping place for them. Buy a bed that can accommodate your dog entirely. Similarly, keep in mind the growing size of the dog while buying a bed if you have a puppy at home.

Ensure that the bed is clean and dry and your dog sleeps comfortably in it. We recommend that you put the bed in a room where they spend most of their time in.

  • Grooming

Grooming is needed to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your dog. In addition, it also enhances your dog’s appearance. The basic dog grooming includes:

  • Haircutting
  • Nail trimming
  • Bathing
  • Brushing and other oral care
  • Ear cleaning

You can choose to do the grooming yourself at home. However, you will need to buy the required grooming equipment and be well-versed with grooming techniques. Alternatively, you can also take your dog to a grooming expert.

  • Training

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Training is an important part of having a four-legged friend. It helps with mental stimulation, which can improve your dog’s overall well-being. The other benefits of training include:

  • Help with stress and anxiety
  • Inculcate discipline
  • Improve bonding
  • Enhance dog behavior

It is recommended that you start training your pooch as soon as you get them home. You can start with the basic commands and gradually increase the training level.

  • Vet Visits

Routine visits to the vet are necessary if you want your dog to live a long and healthy life. Regular checkups can help detect diseases or other problems that your dog might be facing.

The vet will be checking your dog’s ears, eyes, mouth, skin, muscles, joints, and bones to detect any abnormality. Prompt treatment can help get rid of any issues they might face. It can even save their life, in certain cases.

For example, one in four dogs develops neoplasia. Early diagnosis by a vet can mean you can start treatment early and prolong their life.

  • Nutritious Diet

A high-quality, nutritious diet is essential to ensure your pooch’s proper growth and development. It can also help in the prevention of diseases. The diet will depend on multiple factors, such as your dog’s age, breed, daily activities, and any potential allergies they have.

That being said, some of the common food items that your dog can be fed include chicken, oatmeal, cheese, pumpkin, fish, turkey, etc.

You can also feed them pet foods. Ensure that it is of a reputable brand and provides a balanced and high-quality diet for your dog.

Additionally, make sure to keep your dog hydrated. Dogs generally need one ounce of water/pound of body weight. Make sure the requirements are met daily. Provide them access to clean, fresh water by changing it at least two times a day.

  • Odor Eliminators

Your dog’s home will require regular cleaning. Otherwise, it will become an infestation ground for germs and bacteria. These can cause severe infections and illnesses to your beloved pet.

Regularly clean the kennel of hair, dirt, vomit stains, insects, or fecal matter. This will help get rid of foul smells and also prevent diseases. While purchasing an odor eliminator, make sure that you pay attention to the following things:

  • Don’t buy any product with formaldehyde, isopropyl alcohol, phenols, or bleach. These can cause severe consequences to your pet.
  • Make sure the products are environmentally-friendly.
  • Check if the products are tested for safety and bear an EPA Safer choice label.
  • The products should be easy to use and maintain.

Parting Thoughts

Bringing a dog home is a big responsibility. It is always better to be prepared than scour for things at the last minute. It will also ensure that you end up providing the utmost love, care, and support to your paw-fect friend and companion for life.


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