7 Types of Jackets That Every Man Should Wear


Though jackets are actually designed for the purpose of keeping you warm in cold weather, this no longer is the case. 

Jackets are a part of men’s attire. They are a basic element of menswear, and over the years, various fantastic designs have been introduced and have gained so much popularity. 

Jackets have a rich history, along with unique designs. A jacket completes your clothing and shows your uniqueness while also protecting you from the frigid air, rain, and wind. 

No doubt, it is very important to choose the attires according to fashion trends. Many brands are offering amazing jacket collections on their websites and physical stores. 

You can take benefit from winter sales, summer sales, and end-of-the-year sales. Top brands like Jomo, Alkaram, Engine, and Cougar offer amazing new arrivals every season for their customers.

You can collect all types of jackets from these brands, but before that, it is better for you to have an understanding of various types of jackets. 

Here are the top seven types of jackets that every man should have in their wardrobe

The leather jacket is the boss of all jackets, and it is a real menswear staple. These jackets not only provide you protection but add more machismo and boldness to an outfit. 

If you do not have a leather jacket in your wardrobe, you should definitely get one with minimal detailing. Leather jackets evoke confidence and add dynamism at the same time. It adds attractiveness, class, and confidence. No other clothing can add a leather appeal other than a leather jacket.   

Leather jackets are no doubt a long-time investment. Always purchase a leather jacket from a good brand so that it can last for a good period of time.  

It is not hard to find leather jackets. If you are lucky, you can even take benefit from the sales offered by various Pakistani fashion brands. 

These days Gul Ahmed, Bonanza, Nishat linen, Alkaram, and Jomo are offering amazing sales on various items. If you want to buy everything from one place, then Jomo sale is your way to go. You can find a huge variety of jackets there and choose the one you like.  

  • Harrington Jacket

Many people love this jacket because of its amazing texture, and it is the perfect match for normal weather. It is light in weight and covers your waist. It offers you comfort and mobility. 

As compared to a leather jacket, it has more flexibility and allows you to swing your arms more easily. 

This piece of clothing is made from wool, cotton, or polyester, and it is used as a casual outfit. These jackets not only have a good style, but it is a versatile piece of outwear in terms of fashion and style. 

  • Denim Jackets 

These jackets are the best if you want to keep yourself warm when the weather starts to change. These jackets are not good in snowy weather. If you buy a high-quality denim jacket, it will last forever.

  • Puffer Jackets 

These are common jackets for the winter season, and almost everyone has this jacket that they wear in winter. This jacket is something you want in chilling cold weather. You can pair them up with black pants and cool sneakers. 

  • Bomber Jacket 

These jackets were originally worn by fighter pilots and used to come in khaki green color. However, nowadays, these jackets are referred to as minimal detailing jackets without high collars. These jackets come in various styles, materials, and colors so that they can stay in trend throughout the year. It seems like these jackets will never go out of style. 

  • Serling Jacket 

Though these jackets are a little expensive, they are worth your investment. Shearling jackets and coats are forever in fashion wardrobe items. They are cozy and will not get ruined in snow. You feel very comfy in them. These are good to wear at events, and you can pair them with dress pants.  

  • Peacoat 

It is the best coat for formal wear. These coats form a perfect layer of suit or polo shirts. Sailors and navy members usually wore peacoats, and now they are a perfect fit for occasions like dinner and parties.  

Final Thought 

So, these are some of the jackets that every man should have in their wardrobe. It does not mean that you need to buy them all. However, these jackets can be a good investment. You can look for other styles on various brands and choose the one you like or suits your needs. 

If you want your jacket to last good long years, you should purchase a jacket from a reliable brand. Some of the common Pakistani brands that you can trust include Khaadi, Jomo, limelight, Alkaram, Bonanza Satrangi, and Outfitters. 


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