When Home Improvement Leads to a Light Bulb Moment

Light Bulb Moment

Everyone has been in the situation where they are wanting to add something new to their home in order to make it nicer. This can happen after scrolling through social media, visiting your local parade of homes, seeing a friend’s house that is perfectly decorated, getting a home ready to sell or moving into a new home and wanting to make it yours. Regardless of the reason, many find themselves having a light bulb moment and realizing what they want to do to improve the function and aesthetics of their home. 

A Literal Light Bulb Moment

One of the most overlooked ways to instantly increase the way your house looks and functions is to improve the lighting. Many times lighting is overlooked in new construction and is avoided as homes are updated through the years. A house can look beautiful but if lighting is inefficient or outdated it can have a big impact on how your home feels. Below are some projects that can instantly upgrade your home

  • A Lighting Focal Point – Great rooms, large dining rooms, kitchens and entry ways can benefit from adding large, decorative lighting in the form of chandeliers or fixtures. This not only can add improved quality in lighting but lends a room a focal point that draws the eye and attention of your guest. Pro Tip: In small rooms opt for fixtures such as wall sconces to be your focal point around a piece of art or furniture. 
  • Consider Scale – Nothing can make a room look unbalanced more quickly than a fixture that dominates a room. On the flip side if your fixtures are two small they can be overwhelmed by a room and not make the impact that you want them to. Pro Tip: The length and width of your room in feet should equal the diameter of a fixture in inches. A ten by ten foot room should have a chandelier that is 20 inches in diameter.
  • Create Layers of Light – Every room should aim to have three different light sources that can be used within it. This helps create a balance of light in each room and helps to make lighting in a house seem more uniform. Pro Tip: In smaller rooms or areas such as foyers and powder baths try lower wattage bulbs or smaller fixtures to help achieve the balance. 
  • Use Dimmers – Dimmer switches give you great control over the lights in a room and should be used with as many lights in your home as possible. This allows for a more versatile control of the lighting and atmosphere in your home. Pro Tip: Dimmers can be used in the day to help provide the perfect balance between natural and artificial light in your home. 
  • Personalization – You can use lighting in your home to provide a custom look without breaking the bank. For the art aficionado you can apply mini spotlights that will provide art gallery level lighting to your art so they can be displayed in their best light. Mini lights can also be added into bookshelves to showcase a collection. Pro Tip: Uplighting can instantly create a custom look for your home with these small accent lights.
  • Get a Lighting Control App – For the ultimate lighting control and experience consider getting a lighting control app. This allows for the ultimate control over the fixtures in your home and works with all of the lighting tips talked about so far. Pro Tip: Like many smart devices lightning control apps can save your settings. Allowing for your house to be set up for dinner parties, movie nights or early mornings with the push of a button. 

Overwhelmed? An Idaho Falls Electrician can Help- Light Bulb Moment

While personalizing a home can be fun and exciting for many, the process of installing new fixtures, adding new fixtures, wiring and troubleshooting is not. An Idaho Falls Electrician can take the headache and the hassle out of upgrading your home and it’s lightning. Electricians can not only make sure that a job is done safely and efficiently but they can also offer expertise that only comes from years of experience. 


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