International Drivers Permit Nepal: 4 Things Driving Lovers Must Know!


People generally confuse themselves with the term IDP! An International Driving Permit is different from what a driver’s license is. So, today, we have come forth with some of the possible things you must know about it and much more in the segment below.

So, if you are traveling to Nepal, check out some of the things that you must know about. Hang in there until we give you a complete brief! Let’s check it out below.

What Do You Mean by International Driving Permit?

The term international driving permit is the same as an international driving license. So, first, you must not confuse yourself with these two terms.

This documentation gives you permission to travel to a foreign land. However, you can acquire this only if you have a valid driver’s license. In almost all the countries globally, one needs to have an international driving permit. Or else the person will not be allowed to drive within the country.

Plus, when you have an international driving permit, you wouldn’t have to go for any kind of application or test when driving in that country.

If you are wondering how you must acquire an international driving permit in Nepal, then let us tell you that you would have to do it in the same country you received your driver’s license.

It is not possible that another country is going to give you that permit. But always keep note that an international driving permit is not a replacement for the existing driver’s license you have.

How to Apply for An International Driving Permit in Nepal?

If you are thinking of exploring the exotic beauty of Nepal, the primary thing that you must obtain is an International Driving Permit. Withing this documentation, the Nepal government will not allow you to drive in their country.

Also, you would have to keep note of the minimum age requirement you must have to drive in Nepal. There are several checkpoints all across the roads of Nepal, and there is a strict inspection that goes on there. So, we would always advise you to follow the rules meticulously to avoid any kind of problems.

How is the International Driver’s Permit Online Application made for Nepal?

Some people do not like to get into the hassle of plenty of online applications. And in that case, there look for a prominent platform through which you can apply for an IDP. You will find several websites that offer this to you. However, we would always suggest that you rely on a renowned website to be sure that you are in the right hands.

Once you have finalized the website, you can begin by going through the entire online process.

You would be initially given a form in which you have to fill out all your necessary information. Plus, you would require your existing driving license and two photos (ideally, passport size or smaller). Once you have filled out the necessary details, make an online transaction to initiate the process.

The moment all of this is done, you would simply have to wait until you receive your confirmation. Generally, these forms ask for your details like zip code, address, phone number, original driver’s license number, etc.

Vital Rules to Keep in Mind While Driving in Nepal

Once you have acquired your International Permit, it’s time you would book your ticket and be ready to visit the exotic landscapes present in that country. However, we wouldn’t want you to do that without any knowledge about their rules.

So, we have carefully curated a list that will tell you all the necessary details about driving to Nepal in 2022. Let’s check out what they are:

1.      Keep Your Important Documents Handy

When you are new in a country, your important document is your driver’s license and passport. And, of course, don’t miss out on your IDP! So, we would always advise you to keep these documents along with you at all times.

This is solely because the Nepal government is extremely strict about its rules, and you would be asked for these documents at any moment. Generally, people in charge ask you for their documents at the checkpoints.

However, there might be situations where you would be randomly stopped to enquire about your whereabouts too. So, always be on the safer end.

2.      Don’t drive in a drunken state.

In a few countries, they do not mind people driving when they are drinking. But Nepal isn’t one of those countries. So, make sure you are not driving the car with even a bit of alcohol consumption.

Generally, they have kits handy, where they make you inhale to check whether you have consumed any or not.

3.      Don’t forget your seatbelt.

Nepal is a country that loves to abide by its laws at all times. And indeed, they are extremely strict about it as well. So, make sure you are wearing your seatbelt all the time. However, even if it is not in the rules, wearing your seatbelt will ensure your safety, and that’s something you must not compromise on.

4.      Get Your Child a Child’s Seat

Just like it is in the United States and many other countries, children are prohibited from sitting in the front seat beside the driver. And the same goes this way as well. Make sure your child is sitting at the back of the child’s seat. If possible, you can buy one or even rent one if there is any availability.

Also, don’t forget to put the seatbelt on for your child, even if they are sitting at the back. Nepal’s government is strict about this too.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know exactly how to get yourself a permit in Nepal and what you need to do. So, go ahead and follow the instructions we’ve mentioned above. And also, don’t forget to follow the rules that we have specially handpicked for you.

A country like Nepal has loads of scenic beauty but does have some persistent laws that are expected by their citizens and other people to follow meticulously.



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