Many SoundCloud rappers are turning to Spotify

SoundCloud rappers

In the recent world, Spotify has a good reputation in the music industry, it is providing the best quality in terms of songs and the artist. Although SoundCloud also contains a lot of great rappers and artists, now from the last few years it has been noticed that most Soundcloud rappers are turning towards Spotify. 

As compared to SoundCloud more listeners are going towards Spotify because of its high-quality songs and the technical audio quality. It is a fact that most of the rappers have decided to ditch SoundCloud and have chosen big record labels like Spotify because of their namesake. 

The reasons behind SoundCloud rappers turning to Spotify

It is time to be smart while choosing your music streaming platform especially when you are a star or an artist who is concerned about your career. Although SoundCloud is a big platform for beginners and startup rappers when the talk is about career, fame, and earning, Spotify has more votes. 

  • Bigger audience 

We all know that Spotify is the most popular music service and for well-known rappers, it is easier to get a lot of audience on it. Moreover, you can buy Spotify plays and listeners through any popular Spotify promotion service like Spotistar. 

  • Spotify popularity in all genres and music types

The beginning artists that don’t fit into SoundCloud’s popular niches find difficulties in attaining traction but Spotify is popular in almost every niche and can be the best choice for beginners. Moreover, you can buy Spotify plays to update your Spotify page. 

  • Intelligence algorithms
  • Its algorithms are the most famous and intelligent among all the music services. This helps the audience to find what suits them. 
  • Shareability

Spotify has great shareability through which it provides artists to a lot of audiences on the platform. By using the family plan friends and family can enjoy it.

  • Platform potential

Spotify has a great potential to grow in the future and artists and rappers have a lot of future opportunities to be successful on this platform. 

Want to get instant success on Spotify?

A rapper who has chosen Spotify for his or her career has to work a lot and wait to get success. But like many other Spotify artists, Spotify promotion services can be used to make the success quicker. 

Spotistar is one of the best Spotify promoting services through which anyone can buy Spotify plays and followers in reasonable packages. It provides you with instant delivery of genuine plays and followers. You are allowed to choose the specific number of followers or plays per song you are willing to buy. 

The process is very straightforward and legal, all you need is to just provide your Spotify username and choose the song and package you are willing to avail yourself of. The packages range from  $4.97 depending upon how many plays you want and you can even customize your package. 

Ending Remarks 

Spotify’s high-quality attributes have attracted not only listeners but also rappers and artists. SoundCloud is also a good platform but it has been observed that rappers are shifting from SoundCloud to Spotify and there are a lot of reasons behind this. Beginner Spotify rappers can buy Spotify plays to take their Spotify page to its peak.


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