Attractive Features Offered by an LMS Mobile App

LMS Mobile App

Mobile solutions are all set to give a formidable challenge to desktop-based learning management systems. With the vast array of feature-packed mobile apps available in the market, it’s not surprising that many LMS providers are working on developing their mobile apps. One of the most commonly asked questions is, what is included in an LMS mobile app? In simple terms, a mobile app for a learning management system should offer the same level of functionality as available on its desktop/laptop version.

Here is a look at some of the  attractive features offered by LMS apps:

Learning Content

Courses and other learning materials must be accessible through an LMS app. Besides allowing learners to view and download content, the app should also be capable of playing audio files.

Learning videos can be included. Learners should also be able to submit their quizzes and assignments right from within the mobile app.

Administrative Functionality

An LMS must include all learners’ administrative functions needed for a hassle-free learning experience. These include the following:

> Content uploading/creation and course administration features 

> Ease of creating announcements, events, and newsletters

> Reporting tools such as detailed progress reports and analytics 

> Access to notifications related to courses, exams, etc. 

Collaboration Tools for Groups and Communities

LMS should provide collaboration tools such as discussion boards, messaging systems, and chat rooms. Learners can use these apps to interact with fellow learners and teachers.

Learning Tools

LMS mobile must include various learning tools for different course requirements. These include: 

> Digital pen or highlighter for highlighting, annotating, underlining content 

> Customizable workspace and home screen (with links to favorite courses and other related features) 

> Interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, etc.

An LMS mobile app development company focuses on ensuring that the learning management system mobile app is future-ready and can easily meet the changing market demands. 

So, make sure that the mobile app is compatible with diverse platforms and devices, thereby making it easy for learners to access the LMS from any device.

Pricing and Licensing

Typically, an LMS app is available as part of the overall learning management system solution. If you are going for a separate license, it may be expensive. 

Depending on the features you need, pricing can vary from project to project. In addition to this, an installation fee may also be charged.


While it’s true that the learning management system mobile app must offer core features, you also need to consider specific requirements. For instance, if your company is in the banking and financial services sector, the learners might expect advanced features such as biometric authentication before accessing various courses/modules.

Other expected features include NFC (near field communication) and integration with cloud storage.

UX (User Experience)

According to reports, the pandemic positively impacted the learning management system market as schools, universities, and corporates implemented remote learning.

The LMS app will be designed to offer an engaging user experience. The overall design, layout, and navigation must be smooth and simple so that the users can view courses easily along with helpful study materials.

Connectivity/Bandwidth Support

When you plan to opt for an LMS app, one of the most critical aspects you must consider is connectivity and bandwidth support. For instance, if the target audience is spread across different geographies with low connectivity, it’s essential to opt for a solution that supports slow network speeds.

Security and Privacy Issues

The LMS mobile app is designed to offer foolproof security. The privacy policy must not allow unauthorized access of information, while the overall design and architecture of the app ensure that data is secure at all times.

Final Thoughts

An LMS  app is a one-stop solution for all learning needs. It not only helps learners to access information but also helps teachers and trainers to manage their courses easily.

The key features of an ideal LMS mobile app are discussed in this article. When designing these apps for learning management systems, developers must keep the future in mind. 


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