TRESemme Shampoo Lawsuit | Is it Safe to Use it?

Shampoo Lawsuit

When we see those jaw dropping, shining, smooth and silky hair on our screens we want to rush out and grab our hands on the product that promises to give us just that.  Every woman has a desire to look and feel fabulous and step out with a confidence to conquer, just like they feel when they step out of a salon. For decades a lot of brands have been dedicated to providing us with all such products required to give us the perfect hair solutions and a salon-like ready look. TRESemme needs no introduction, it has been catering to our hair needs ranging from hair care to hair styling since its inception in 1948, promising to deliver for women a confidence to walk taller. Their aim is to provide salon inspired products that are tested, to boost and give us the freedom to style and experience the salon feeling every day. Shampoo Lawsuit-

What is the TRESemme Shampoo Lawsuit?

If you are a regular consumer of TRESemme hair products or you are planning to use one, then you might be interested in knowing that TRESemme landed in a lot of hot waters.  The manufacturers of the brand were faced with a TRESemme shampoo lawsuit in 2021 all across North America, due to some disastrous side effects customers faced from its shampoo and conditioner lines. What laws are there to protect your hair? Know more about them at The Law Advisory.

What was the issue?

According to a report that was published by Fox News, a class action suit was initiated against Unilever in the United States. It alleged that a product from the UK FMCG manufacturer TRESemme range caused hair loss. The allegation was that individuals who had been using the TRESemme shampoo and conditioner that included the ingredient DMDM Hydantoin had experienced side effects that ranged from scalp irritation, lesions, and hair loss. A class action lawsuit was also filed against Unilever by two women who had suffered side effects including painful scalp burns and hair loss from using TRESemme keratin shampoo and conditioners. 

Should you be using it or not?

The issue has spread, and several other class action lawsuits have been filed by people who experienced scalp irritation, blisters, pimples, burning sensations and hair loss ever since the updated guidance provided by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on hair smoothing products. The report by FDA suggests that formaldehyde released in air by most hair smoothing and straightening products is a gas which is hazardous and exposure to it could cause both long- and short-term effects that may affect health.

DMDM hydantoin is a preservative, antimicrobial formaldehyde releaser which is widely used not only in the cosmetics industry but also found in shampoos, hair Gels, conditioners, and other skin care products.

According to the scientific experts at the Cosmetic Directive of the European Union DMDM hydantoin is usually safe if used as a cosmetic ingredient at normal levels of use in different products.

However, DMDM hydantoin releases formaldehyde during its use which could be responsible for the allergic reactions people have faced. Formaldehyde is considered to be a hazardous and strong irritant. It has been listed as a category 1B carcinogen by the EU as it is alleged to have carcinogen potentials for human health. It, however, has not been banned for use in shampoos because it is used in very low concentrations and is not left on the skin for a very long time. But since it is hazardous, it is strongly irritating, and people with sensitive skin need to avoid all such products that have a label showing it contains formaldehyde.

Unilever has marketed the TRESemme brand as “Salon Quality” and safe that gently cleans and deeply nourishes and repairs hair damage along with adding softness and silky shine. However, due to the presence of DMDM hydantoin consumers have experienced hair loss and irritation after use of its products.

The TRESemme shampoo lawsuit has been filed in the United States and Canada against Unilever, which allege that their products contain a harmful ingredient or combination of ingredients that are responsible for the great amount of hair loss, lesions, and scalp irritations even after proper use. The lawsuits question the safety of use of DMDM hydantoin as a preservative in shampoos and other hair care products.

As a result of the lawsuit action was started against Unilever for their alleged inability to caution the consumers on the packaging or website of the probable risks associated with the use of DMDM Hydantoin. And also, to use an alternative preservative to DMDM Hydantoin when there are other safe alternatives available.

In addition to above arguments, it is also alleged that Unilever was aware for over a decade since 2012 of the fact that the ingredient in question could be responsible for the side effects people are experiencing since it had recalled all its products from its Suave range due to similar complaints from people experiencing hair loss. The company had agreed to pay USD 10.2 million in order to settle the class action lawsuit in 2014. 

A statement made by the company assured that consumer safety was the top priority with TRESemme products, and their products underwent a rigorous assessment to meet the strict safety standards. DMDM hydantoin is widely used in the beauty industry and has been declared to be a safe preservative by health authorities.

Lawyers estimate that thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people have been affected by the product in some way or the other. 

If you are someone who has sensitive skin, you might want to re-think about buying products that contain DMDM hydantoin. TRESemme shampoo lawsuit filed across United States and Canada to highlight the presence of DMDM Hydantoin in shampoos causing hair loss and red scalps.

There still are a lot more products available in the market that contain this ingredient. Be sure to check thoroughly before purchasing any of these items and avoid the pain of experiencing itchy, irritated, blistered, and sore scalps along with unnecessary hair loss.


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