Budgeting for Moving-Related Expenses? Here’s When to Splurge (And When to Save)

Budgeting for Moving-Related Expenses

Moving into a new home is an exciting adventure, but it might make a more significant dent in your bank account than you’re expecting. A well-constructed budget is the first step to planning a solid, stress-reduced move, but it can be challenging to know where to allocate your funds. Here’s your relocation-ready guide to where you should save and splurge on your next big move.  

Splurge: Professional auto transportation services

When it comes to auto transportation services, you can expect the quality you pay for, so splurging on a reputable service matters. 

The best auto transport service providers help you save time by moving your vehicle while ensuring it doesn’t sustain any damage or wear-and-tear. When you hire an auto transport company, you can focus on the other items in your home and not worry about driving your vehicle to your new address. 

If you are looking for car shipping to Texas or another state, the best car transport companies will safely bring your vehicle from your previous address to your new one. 

Save: Packing materials

As you pack your belongings, you can save money by reusing packaging materials and using items you already have. For example, you can pack fragile items in blankets, sheets, and clothing, reducing the need to purchase packing peanuts and wrapping materials. 

Many homeowners also save money by reusing boxes. Homeowners can look for packages at work by looking in the copy room or mailroom. Soon-to-be movers can also ask their friends, family members, and neighbors for boxes and NYC movers. 

You can also use suitcases to move items. Don’t pay high prices for color-coded packing tape. Instead, use different colored markers to label your boxes. 

Splurge and save: Moving company

If you have to move across the country, it is worth splurging on a top-notch moving company. However, if you are moving to a new home in the same city, you might consider not paying for help from movers

People moving across the country need a moving company that can safely transport their belongings across state lines. Large moving companies have the licenses and trucks to bring your belongings to your new address in one smooth trip. If you try to move across state lines yourself, you add time, stress, and risk to your relocation.

When you stay within the city, you won’t need to worry about making several trips, so you can move at your own pace with your transportation. If you need a truck, you rent one for a day or two at a low price. 

Save: Move during the slow season

The summer is peak moving season as parents take advantage of children out of school, college kids return home, and snowbirds move back North. The cheapest months to move are November and December, so schedule your move accordingly. 

Wrap up

When people buy a new home, they plan their budgets to include their new mortgage, utility payments, and commute expenses. It’s tough to complete a move entirely on your own, so setting a budget lets you know where you can splurge on help and where you can save. 



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