To ensure that their clients get the best possible legal representation, the company employs a team of Seattle truck accident attorneys with extensive training in this area of the law. If you work for a trucking firm and wish to protect yourself in the event of commercial trucking accidents, contact us and read more about your legal alternatives. What’s the best way to find out what you’re looking for?


Every year, several Seattle trucks were involved in accidents. Semi-truck accidents are typically severe, causing catastrophic injuries to vehicles and people.

Statistically, crashes involving a Seattle truck are twice as likely to end in death than incidents involving other passenger vehicles. Semi-trucks weigh over 10 tons, making quick stops difficult and increasing the risk of truck accidents.

The most common cause of rollover is an abrupt direction shift. If another vehicle compels the semi operator to make emergency adjustments, gravitational force may force the truck to roll over.

Worse, many motorists fail to yield to business vehicles. The size of commercial trucks intimidates other drivers, causing them to misjudge space and distance while overtaking a Seattle truck.

A conventional passenger car driving at 55 mph may stop in 130-140 feet; large trucks and semis traveling at the same speed can stop in 400 feet.

Unfortunately, many motorists are unaware of semis’ spacing requirements and take advantage of their vast stopping area. As a result, passenger-commercial vehicle accidents are prevalent.

Because of their size, semi-trucks are often blamed for accidents when the responsibility lies with the passenger car. As a result, you must know which trucking accident legal company will represent you in court. Having a reputable legal professional on your side ensures a fair trial with all essential evidence presented to locate the guilty party.


Heavy truck accidents are severe and frequently lethal. Even when no one dies, life-threatening even life-altering injuries might occur. Among the most common injuries caused by significant truck accidents are:

  • Scarring or another disfigurement;
  • Nerve damage causes paralysis, discomfort, or impaired motor function.
  • Orthopedic injuries;
  • Soft tissue and internal organ damage
  • Brain or spinal trauma;
  • Spinal or nerve injury paralysis
  • Amputated or crushed limbs


Because they are driving more oversized vehicles, Seattle truckers are often blamed for accidents. A quasi accident lawyer ensures you don’t be blamed or financially liable for an incident that wasn’t your fault. Your lawyer will ensure you are not made a scapegoat and fairly compensated for your damages.

Injury Law Of Seattle’s commercial truck accident lawyers is here to help you recover financially and legally. They will battle for you to avoid unfair responsibility and pay for losses you did not cause. A semi-truck accident lawyer would be proud to defend you in court.

They’ve handled truck crash lawsuits for a range of clients, such as those caused by:

  • Company Error

The trucking firm is in charge of fleet maintenance and performance. Poor maintenance, incorrect tire inflation, worn-out brakes, and other conditions caused by the transportation business may be considered carelessness. legal specialists go above and beyond to investigate the cause of the crash.

  • Cargo Issues

The cargo and its security are as vital as the vehicle itself. They are sometimes compelled to drive heavy or improperly loaded trucks, causing their contents to shift and alter their direction. Cargo concerns are more prevalent than most people assume, and our crew can handle them.

  • Poor Driver Training Performance

Drivers who lack sufficient instruction are unaware of safe braking strategies, evaluating blind areas, and other vital procedures. These incidents happen and are significantly more hazardous than passenger automobile crashes.

  • Stupid Driving

Defiance on the regulations causes many reckless driving incidents. This includes speeding, inattentive driving, risky maneuvers, and other irresponsible behavior. Our expertise can assist in identifying whether there was a trend to the accident.

  • Drunk Driving Mishaps

Sadly, some accidents are caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol, prescription medicines, or illegal narcotics. Our staff has considerable training and expertise managing complex matters for our customers.


Our goal at wrongful death lawyer Seattle is to help you recover financially and physically. It is critical that if you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident, you engage with a reliable, competent, but professional Seattle truck accident legal company.

For years, experienced commercial truck accident lawyers have defended clients injured in commercial trucking accidents. Contact Injury Law Of Seattle immediately for a free consultation whether you are a commercial trucking business management or a commercial truck driver.


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