Regaining Your Social Confidence and Communication Skills

Your Social Confidence

COVID-19 has served everyone a year of isolation and a stack of piling limitations. Online conferences, social media platforms, and dating applications might have become the new normal. It might even reach a certain point wherein communication on a face-to-face setup can be a challenge for some. Have you tried visiting your relatives after the overwhelming lockdown and quarantine? Have you realized yet that your anxieties and Your Social Confidence could weigh even heavier now on a reunion for the holidays? Have you tried risking your health in a meet-up with your pandemic-year online date? Do you also consider lowering the expectations and impressions you see on the front profile of your date?

How the Pandemic Affected People’s Social Skills

Whatever it is, dealing with an in-person conversation can be a challenging step in adjusting to the transition into the post-COVID world. People are now used to being anonymous in hiding their genuine personality and character in a safe virtual world where everyone can simply turn off cameras or mute mics if they don’t feel like talking or focusing on the conversation.

Having a real talk you hadn’t had for a while with a family, friend, or even a lover can be too uncomfortable and challenging if you don’t have Your Social Confidence. Know that this is normal and can even be a healthy response to the progress of your relationship.

Being shy and unready means respecting how your family, friend, or lover perceives you physically, mentally, and emotionally. You feel tense because you might be surrounded by important people in your life and you don’t want to mess up. No one wants to feel and look bad for their loved ones.

Being extra careful in interacting means that you are mindful and responsible in valuing their safety and yours. Not only are you practicing being a socially responsible citizen in your community, but you are also making a good step in influencing discipline to people who meant so much to you.

Are you having a hard time trying a smooth talk? Here are three simple ways to help you avoid losing connection during a face-to-face conversation:


Expect that a moment of silence will surface after greeting each other. This will be an awkward start. Both will feel discomfort trying to guard and wait for each other’s next move. Questions will start pestering your head. Thus, you simply need to initiate.

Remember the 10-second-rule. After about 10 seconds after greeting one another and your date hasn’t spoken, initiate a topic. You can ask about a trending series on Netflix that you’ve been binge-watching or a trending album that you listened to every morning on Spotify.

Be yourself in conversations. Tell them about how your day at work went. Talk about how rough the quarantine was for you, and you can even talk about DIY home renovation. Be comfortable and confident talking about how you fixed the potholes in your driveway using nothing but raw skills and a cold mix asphalt patch. The person you are dating might ask why you did not hire services to do it for you, and you do not have to take it the wrong way. Remember, more questions are better. It means they are interested in the things you are telling them about.


Don’t just talk, but you have to listen as well. Counter the topic by asking about their experiences in home renovations as well. Stick to the conversation by paying attention while they are speaking. You can ease the tension by leaning forward, resting your arms on the table (if there is), nodding or shaking your head (to agree or argue), and of course, making sincere eye contact. Make them feel you are relaxed to relate to their stories.


Give way to agree or oppose to the sharing. Expect the unexpected. Trigger the curiosity and vice-versa, and provide them with a reaction. Not necessarily that you always need to chase the conversation by talking after. You can let them elaborate their stories by showering questions as a good response. Another is you can let them read your reaction by giving out gestures and facial expressions.Once you initiate the conversation, let it flow. Phasing to another topic to talk about, open the chance for them to initiate the talk. Stay as a fearless communicator.

Being away from the important people in your life during this pandemic might have caused some dents to Your Social Confidence and communication skills, but do not let that hold you back. Be brave and confident; now is the time to put yourself back there again.



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