Things to Consider Before Moving Abroad with Children

Before Moving Abroad

The decision to move abroad is one which will inevitably change the course of your life, if you have children you are choosing to change the course of their lives too. For some people, the thought of uprooting their children from their familiar surroundings is unacceptable, but what if a move abroad could enhance their quality of life and give them a better future? Children adapt incredibly quickly, if you move them abroad, the chances are that they will be speaking the language and forming friendship groups before moving abroad far quicker than you will.


When you’re an eighteen-year-old backpacker you can get by living off tins of sardines, but when you’re taking a family with you it is crucial that you have a secure financial base while you establish your income. You should plan to have at least six months living expenses because you don’t want to spoil the experience of your new life by worrying about money.


The ages of your children will be a key factor in deciding when to move. It would, for example, be unfair to move a child about to take G.C.S.E.s or A-levels. Research the schooling options and develop an understanding of the extent to which your children’s new curriculum will mesh with their previous learning. 


One of the incentives for moving abroad may be the opportunity to live in a much better environment. Many people are attracted to rural properties in South-West France, for example, but be aware that the experience of rural isolation may be great for a holiday, but not something that your children would enjoy all the time. In the past few years Portugal has become one of the most popular destinations for U.K. citizens and there are now over 46,000 brits living there permanently. Property prices are some of the lowest in Europe, in the most affordable region, Guarda, the average property price is just 112,969 euros.


Do not assume that you will easily find work on arrival. Your professional qualifications may not be recognized, and you may need to undertake further training. Ideally, you will have arranged a job before departure or have developed freelance income streams which enable you to earn money from any location.


You need to budget for the health insurance necessary for you and your family and ensure that you have left the NHS and joined the healthcare service in your new location.


You should feel confident that you are moving your children to a safe location, so research intended locations before you commit to a move.


A better climate is probably one of the incentives for your move, but summer sun may not be the whole story. You need to be aware of any extreme weather conditions that might occur during the rest of the year, such as hurricanes or severe cold.

Parting from friends and family before moving abroad 

Australia is literally the other side of the world but that did not deter the 1.2 million brits who have moved there, however, you have to come to terms with the fact that should you choose to start a new life with your family in Australia, physical contact with family and friends will be very limited. In contrast, most European locations are accessible within a few hours.



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