4 Home Design Tips For Minimalists

Home Design Tips

Being a minimalist can mean many different things, but most people assume it means that you don’t like clutter and have the ability to be happy with just the bare minimum in any circumstance. This, of course, includes your home. It is likely that as a minimalist, you probably have few possessions in your home, and those that you do have each serve a very specific purpose. But just because you’re a minimalist definitely doesn’t mean that you don’t have style, or that your home has to be boring or lack design in any way. In case you need some inspiration, here are 4 home design tips for minimalists. 

Go With Your Gut

Whether you are living on your own for the first time or already reaching retirement age, it’s important to stay true with yourself and go with your gut when it comes to making decisions for yourself, and that includes within your home. The way you design or decorate your home can affect your productivity, mental health, and general happiness, so you deserve to do it the way you want to! What other people think you should do when it comes to home design shouldn’t matter. At the end of the day you should design your home in the way that feels right to you, regardless of what interior design magazines may say. 

Use Bold Colors

When minimalism comes to mind, most people probably think of white or off white spaces with very few spaces on the walls or shelves filled. But color (or lack thereof) doesn’t actually have much at all to do with minimalism, and if you are indeed the type of person who thrives off of a sparse, minimalistic look, the strategic use of a few bold colors might do you and your space good. 

Balance Your Space

Maintaining a sense of balance within your space will make your minimalist mind content. Balance things out by adding shelves to walls where there are glaring blank spaces, vases on tables that look too empty, etc. Even in the most minimalistic homes, there is still home decor. You just have to decide on what works best for your space and tastes. 

Seek Inspiration

Minimalism is a very popular home design style, and is becoming even more popular as time goes on and people try to reduce the amount of clutter in their homes, letting go of material things instead of purchasing more. Because of its popularity and commonality, there is a lot of inspiration available out there on the internet (including social media) as well as within your own friends’ homes! So seek inspiration for your own home designs wherever you can and don’t be afraid of copying someone else – imitation is the greatest form of flattery! 

No matter what stage you’re at in your home design journey, you can let your minimalist personality shine through these home design tips in many different ways. Just try these tips and see where they get you! 


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