How to Create a Truly Fantastic and Memorable Corporate Family Day

Memorable Corporate Family Day

There are many ways to plan and create one of the best corporate family days for your employees, and it doesn’t have to take a genius to ensure that you can give them a day of fun. The benefits of hosting such an event are innumerable – but one of the most incredible benefits you can derive from this event is a much closer and stronger bond with your employees, which can result in increased motivation and an atmosphere of camaraderie. But we already know this – so the next question is how to create a truly fantastic and memorable corporate family fun day. In this blog, you will get to know about How to Create a Truly Fantastic and Memorable Corporate Family Day.

Do it with food

Food is nourishment, and one sure way to make people happy is by giving them good food. The food you serve, alongside your entertainment and activities, can make your corporate family fun day even more spectacular. That said, pay attention to detail, and make sure you don’t run out because there’s nothing worse than not having enough food to satisfy everyone. 

  • Try to mix classic and fusion fare. The trick to getting a big nod of approval from a discerning crowd (like your employees!) is to serve food that they are already familiar with, but you may want to spice it up a little with some fusion fare as well. For example, if you have a hotdog and hamburger stall, this always works for the young and old. With this, you can serve your food fresh and hot off the grill, too. But it pays to have something unique, such as pasta salads, taco bars, fresh fruit stations, and do-it-yourself sundae stations. If you want, you can serve familiar, nostalgic goodies like candy floss and popcorn reminiscent of the good old carnival or funfair. You can easily get these from fairground and funfair hire companies such as
  • You should also try having appropriate food for those who have allergies, are vegetarian, or prefer gluten-free foods. Here’s a tip: avoid serving nuts because some people may be allergic, and it’s best to prevent a food allergy emergency.

Come up with the best activities

Of course, competitions are the norm when it comes to corporate family fun days, and who doesn’t love a friendly tug-of-war contest or even a pie-eating contest? Alongside these, you can develop other great activities, such as a group hiking activity or a treasure or scavenger hunt. But here are a few other ideas:

  • An escape room. Escape rooms are all the rage, and you can set one up, which families can enjoy. The game’s objective is, of course, to escape from the room by solving a mystery, and you can come up with puzzles and what-not that everyone can try to solve to get to the next level until they are finally free. It’s a fantastic way to foster communication and collaboration as well!
  • A cooking challenge. Another activity that may be the ultimate ice-breaker is a cooking challenge, and you can come up with a cook-off that teams can participate in to see who’s best. Creating a dish together will require a lot of communication and creativity, and you can make it more interesting by picking one ingredient that all teams must use in their dish, like garlic or maple syrup.





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