Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Organizing your Child’s Bedroom

Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Organizing your Child’s Bedroom

Here we will give you an ultimate guide to cleaning and organizing your child’s bedroom. Before we give you the guideline on how to clean and organize your child’s bedroom, let us tell you why it is important to get your child’s bedroom cleaned and organized. If you need professional cleaning services in Shah Alam, contact CleaningServices Malaysia for all your cleaning needs. In this blog, you will know Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Organizing your Child’s Bedroom.

Reasons for Cleaning and Organizing your Child’s Bedroom

From baby to toddler’s age, your child is too small to be able to clean and organize the bedroom. Parents have to do this job themselves. If you are hard pressed for time due to work pressure, you should get professional cleaners for help. 

Dirty floor and dusty furniture endanger your baby or toddler’s health. The baby or toddler likes to touch all dusty surfaces. After that, he puts his dirty fingers inside his mouth. This may affect the child’s health, causing skin rashes or even asthmatic attacks.

Scattered toys or any sharp objects lying on the bedroom floor, if not put away can cause accidents such as choking and suffocation and so will wet slippery floor. To prevent such accidents and health problems, it is advisable to clean and organize your child’s bedroom. It is not easy to maintain a clean and organized room for your child. When your child is in his teens, it is easier to get his room cleaned and organized. 

Practical Guidelines on Cleaning and Organizing Your Child’s Bedroom

Below are some useful and practical tips on how to clean and organize your child’s bedroom. 

Tip 1: Set a Good Example

As parents, set a good example for your child to follow. Keep your own bedroom clean, neat and organised at all times. Make your bed every morning. Dust and wipe all your furniture and fittings in your bedroom. Sweep and mop your bedroom floor. Wash your bathroom regularly too.

Tip 2: Get your Child to Participate in the Cleaning of his Bedroom

Teach, show and guide your child on how to clean and organise his own bedroom. Explain to him why it is essential to have a clean and organised bedroom. Get him to be involved in cleaning and organising his bedroom. To get him started, every time he makes his bed after waking up or when he puts his toys away, reward him with a sticker or cook his favourite meal for him. As your child grows bigger, give him a list of other tasks and show him how to do them such as sweeping and mopping his bedroom floor. Soon he learns and accepts doing this as a normal routine and as part of his own responsibility in keeping his bedroom cleaned and organised.

Tip 3: Change the Bed Sheet, Pillow Cases and Bolster Cases

Making and changing the bedding of your child will certainly improve the overall appearance of his room. Remove all the bed sheet, pillow and bolster cases and put them outside the room. Put on fresh, new bedding and smoothen out the bed sheet. The bedding should be changed once every week if not, fortnightly to ensure a dust-free environment.

Tip 4: Put Toys, Clothes and Books in Proper Place

Gather up all toys on the floor and put them into proper storage boxes. Label the boxes. Teach your child how to store different items in the various boxes for easier identification. Put books on the book shelves. Soiled dirty clothes from the floor should be put into the laundry basket ready for washing. 

Tip 5: Clean and Wipe the Windows

With a moist cotton cloth, wipe the window grilles and mosquito netting(if any). This should be done at least once a month. Use a glass cleaner to wipe the glass windows. You can also use some damp old newspaper to do so. Then wipe with a piece of dry cotton cloth. 

Tip 6: Vacuum the Ceiling and Walls

Vacuum the ceiling and walls at least once a month to get rid of the dust and unsightly spider webs. Next, clean and wipe all the ceiling and wall lights, the ceiling fan and the air-conditioner as well. Thus, ensuring a dust-free environment. 

Tip 7: Wipe and Clean All the Furniture

Try to make the room as spacious as possible. Arrange the furniture neatly. Wipe and clean all the furniture such as the bedframe, study table and chair, cupboards, wardrobe and book shelves. Take the books out and wipe them with a moist cotton cloth to remove the dust. Wipe all the toys with antiseptic before storing them away. There should be no rugs or carpets in your child’s bedroom as these gather dust and give rise to dust mites. All switches should be wiped and covered to be accident-free especially for toddlers.

Tip 8: Sweep and Mop

Finally, sweep the floor thoroughly before mopping. Use a good, effective floor cleaner or detergent to mop the tiled floor. Keep the floor dry as a wet and slippery floor causes slips and falls. Then deodorize the whole room

Tip 9: Declutter for More Space

Once every 6 months, try to declutter your child’s bedroom to keep it neater and more organized. If your child has outgrown his clothes, books and toys, remove these items from his wardrobe, cupboard, storage boxes and book shelves. This will create more storage space for your child’s present and future needs. You can donate these items to orphanages or school libraries which may need them. Remove all the trash from the room and put a small waste paper basket in his bedroom too.


Try to follow these ultimate guidelines on how to clean and organize your child’s bedroom. If you find this task is too difficult for you to handle, do not hesitate to contact us at CleaningServices Malaysia to help you out. Our professional cleaners are friendly and efficient. They can change your child’s messy, dirty, dusty and chaotic bedroom into a sparkling, spick and span, neat and orderly wonder of a bedroom. Your child will definitely love such a cosy, neat and pleasant bedroom to live in. 


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