Mykonos Beyond its Vibrant Party Scene – Why Little Venice is a MUST visit!

Vibrant Party Scene

Undeniably, spending even a weekend at cosmopolitan Mykonos is an experience worth anticipating! Being extraordinarily famous for its legendary parties and the unbelievable heights luxury has reached, Mykonos is rightfully a top summer destination among VIPs, celebs, and most of us humble humans! Parties and nonstop fun aside, though, Mykonos remains an utterly beautiful Greek island. This means that it has all the components for an unforgettable stay, short or longer. Among the many charms that definitely bedazzle is Little Venice. This scenic, traditional, and vibrant spot on the island  for Vibrant Party Scene with its own unique way of capturing your heart. In this blog, you will know Mykonos Beyond its Vibrant Party Scene – Why Little Venice is a MUST visit!.

A bit of tantalising history!

There are many stories behind Little Venice, its somewhat unconventional (compared to the rest of Mykonos’ homes) abodes, and their purpose. Some accounts speak of a neighbourhood that was home to the rich sea captains and merchants of the time. Others claim that it was pirates’ hideout, which could justify the presence of underground storage areas accessed through tiny basement doors. The same doors also enabled direct access to the sea, which has led many people into believing that Little Venice was a shelter for secret pirates. Who knows!

Blending the best of two worlds

One instantly notices that the aesthetics and overall atmosphere in Little Venice differ from the rest of the island. The architecture does not follow the traditional Cycladic lines we are used to seeing across Mykonos. So, instead of the characteristic whitewashed, sugar-cube-shaped houses with the flat roofs and blue doors and windows, we are greeted with colourful two- or three-storey residences with wooden balconies. 

What is also exciting about this particular region is that it makes you wonder whether you are living a déjà vu, especially if you have been to Venice before. Indeed, Little Venice has a lot of influences from Venice, Italy, particularly construction-wise. This is probably because Mykonos served under the Italian ruling in the 14th century. 

What to expect when reaching Little Venice? Incredible grandeur, elegance, wooden arches, elaborate constructions, and verandas built right above the water!  

Little Venice Unbeatable Romance Factor

Little Venice is one of the most scenic places to watch the sunset in Mykonos. Just a short walk from the Windmills, another popular pole of attraction offering superb seascapes, Little Venice is bound to capture your heart for eternity. 

As a matter of fact, strolling to this beautiful beachfront location will reward you with mind-blowing panoramas of the descending sun as it paints the colourful facades of the wooden houses with shades of orange, pink, and yellow. And, just before it sinks behind the horizon, it transforms the glistering Aegean Sea into a heart-melting light show, with you having a front-row seat! 

Tip: This is, more or less, the same spectacular experience you can have from your luxury Mykonos villa, be it a hilltop mansion or an exclusive beachfront property if you would rather skip the crowds gathering at Little Venice around sunset!  

Little Venice Vibrant Party Scene and Nightlife 

You may not be able to join a beach party here, but the charming dwellings dating back to the Middle Ages turned into quaint cafes, restaurants, bars, and bistros offer exquisite experiences. So, if you choose this region for a romantic dinner, a nice night out with refreshing cocktails and superb vistas of the Mykonos coastline, or a fun, relaxed time by the sea, Little Venice will requite you with soul-pleasing moments for sure! 



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