Top 4 Ways to Lower Your Internet Bill

Your Internet Bill

Average Americans spend fifty-seven dollars on the internet every month. If you compare this to the free-trial CDs, that is a lot. But of course, internet service providers have been improving their speeds and plans— which is why their monthly fees have increased over time in your internet bill. In this blog, you will know Top 4 Ways to Lower Your Internet Bill.

Thankfully, there is still a way to minimize your internet bill even without compromising its overall purpose. Yes, it may cost you slight inconvenience, but the goal is to optimize your plan as much as you can. Here are four ways to lower your internet bill:

1. Reduce the internet speed.

As mentioned earlier, lowering your internet bill could affect your comfort. However, in this case, you are actually paying more for the speed your ISP plan provides than how much you really need. Thus, one way to effectively save money is to cross out the “speed” on the list. If you are only using one device and your internet plan is 30 Mbps, then this is actually more than the standard high-speed connection per device, which is 25 Mbps.

Moreover, since 25 Mbps is the standard speed for a “fast connection,” reducing it to 20 Mbps can already serve its purpose. Also, suppose you only do regular browsing every day and don’t really need the luxury of a high-speed connection. In that case, you may go lower than 20 Mbps but not less than 10 Mbps. 

2. Lower your data consumption.

Turn off your cellular data while you’re not using it. Some ISPs offer internet plans wherein you are charged based on how much data your device consumes. Unlike monthly internet plans, per data payment allows you to only pay for what you really need.

Moreover, some ISPs encourage their users to get the monthly plan to urge them to use data more often than they must. Thus, monthly plans are not for you if you only need regular browsing, social media posting, and other simple online activities. 

3. Purchase your own router and modem.

Most internet service providers offer routers or modems for their users to rent. Technically, their monthly rental fees are so much lesser than purchasing your own router or modem.

These companies even encourage their users to rent instead of having their own equipment by presenting the price gap between a purchased modem and the rented modem. Yes, it is cheaper. However, you should remember how fast time flies, and these fees will add up quickly.

Ten months could pass, and you realized you’re still sticking with the rented modem. So, if you are planning to use the internet for years, it would be more practical to purchase your own equipment. Anyhow, it will serve as an investment because, in the long run, renting would cost you so much more than how much routers actually cost.  

4. Bundle your TV service with your internet.

Apparently, a lot of people can testify how bundling can lessen your bill. But let’s dive into the specifics— here are high-speed ISPs that offer bundles and how much you could save for every bundle.

  • Xfinity: Monthly savings will vary according to the bundle.
  • Spectrum: $15 monthly savings
  • Cox: $40 (or higher) monthly savings
  • U-verse and AT&T DIRECTV: $20 monthly savings

Final Words

It takes practicality and a certain amount of investment to effectively lower your monthly internet bill. Also, you have to consider the process of canceling an ISP subscription before you decide to subscribe so that you can easily shift your internet plan whenever necessary. Lastly, if you are planning to do any of the tips mentioned above, make sure it doesn’t compromise much of your convenience and output. 


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